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Skagway is a borough located on the Alaska Panhandle in the US State of Alaska. The city has a tiny population of only 920 people, yet occupies over 1,200 square kilometres of land. But in the summer the population grows to nearly 90,000 due to visiting tourists. Commercial plane services operate from the Skagway Airport.

The port of Skagway is an important anchor point for cruise liners. The local economy is very much dependent upon tourism. The Yukon Route narrow gauge railroad and White Pass, which was earlier used by the cargo trains to transport mined minerals, is now operational during the summer for tourists. It is also used to ferry copper ore from the remote interiors of the region.

The city has a Continental Mediterranean climate, which is somewhat unusual for its latitudinal position. The Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park conserves the photographs, films and books that document the Klondike Gold Rush period between 1896 and 1899. It is also a great start point for anyone wishing to trek to the Yukon Territory. Many of the historic buildings in the park have been restored, and the ranger of the park conducts walking tours for the tourists. Certain parts of the White Pass which is located inside the park, are nicknamed as the Dead Horse Trail, and a small portion of the Chilkoot Trail is also included within the park's boundaries.

The Skagway Museum and Archives chronicles the history of Skagway through mementos, artefacts, historical records and photographs. The Gold Rush Cemetery is a place of interest for the people interested in studying the genealogy of the people from many different countries during the Gold Rush period. There is a walking trail from the cemetery to Reid Falls, which is definitely worth the walk. You can also drive to the nearby historic city of Dyea, which is a truly interesting place to visit.

Although Skagway is a small little place some other fun things to do include the Days of 98 Show, The White Pass & Yukon Route Depot and Train Shoppe, and The Alaskan Fudge Company. But also, there is the Skagway True Value Hardware store. Yep, you read it right, this beautiful little hardware shop sells all sorts of memorabilia and souvenirs such as key chains, distinctive coffee mugs, and other items. If you decide to take our Skagway campervan hire bookings we can certainly assist you with your search.