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Compare campervan hire prices & enjoy superb rates and availability with some of the most popular fleet of campervans & motorhome rentals in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and many other locations around the world.

We provide you with the most compared fleet of rentals from various campervan hire companies worldwide enabling you to make the best decision on choosing the vehicle that best suits your needs such as winnebago hire to your compass motorhome with our popular motorhome remtal comparison search engine.

Campervan Hire

No matter where you happen to be travelling we are sure you will find the perfect campervan for your sightseeing activities.

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Self-Drive Holidays

Self-drive holidays are becoming more and more popular. With a rv motoring holiday you have complete freedom to spend as little or as long at any location you choose. Whether it's taking a few extra days to stay by your favourite beach location, some extra time in a secluded rainforest or taking in the breathtaking views from the top of a scenic mountain, you are in complete control.

Whatever you choose to call them, motorhomes, campervans, RV's, towables or fifth wheelers, guaranteed there is a vehicle for the number of people on your road trip. Some of the most unforgettable adventures are now being undertaken by people enjoying the freedom of the self-drive experience. Motorhome Rental is probably the number 1 choice for a tour destination due to its beautiful climate and vast size to explore.

Popular Campervan Rental Providers

  • Apollo campers
  • Britz campers
  • Cruise America campers
  • El Monte campers
  • Fraserway campers
  • Jucy campers
  • Maui campers
  • Escape campers

Many Ideal Driving Holiday Destinations

So if your ideal driving holiday is Route 66, The Great Ocean Road, Scandanavia, The Great Barrier Reef, The South Island of New Zealand, South America or Canada, take the time to seriously consider a motoring holiday. We have the best motorhome rentals on offer in highly popular destinations such as Australia, New Zealand, America & Europe.

These fully equipped and self-contained vehicles range from basic, for the backpacker adventurer's, through to complete luxury motorhomes with king size beds, gourmet kitchens, complete bathrooms, satellite TVs and even an espresso coffee machine, we are confident we have campervan rental prices that will suit your budget so you have more spending money for your trip after all that's what we are here to help with!

So, why not embark on an unforgettable journey in your dream recreational vehicle, a mobile home that unlocks boundless adventures.

Campervan Hire FAQs & Tips

Looking at hiring a campervan? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions, covering off the basics such as information about your driver's license, campervan features, camping spots and fuel prices. However, feel free to email us or contact us via our website if your question is not answered below.

Can anyone rent or drive the campervan

Anyone driving in Australia holding a standard full car license for more than a year can drive a campervan. The driving license must be in English or an international driving license will be required.

Can I hire a campervan if I am 18

Yes, you can hire a 2WD campervan if you are 18 years old. However, you must be 21 of age to hire a 4WD campervan.

What is the required minimum rental period

5 days is the required minimum rental period throughout the year. The rental period is increased to 7 days during peak season such as Christmas. The minimum rental period during peak seasons varies with the rental provider.

How many people can sleep in a campervan

A campervan can sleep anywhere between 1-6 people depending on your camping plans, the model you choose, the ratio of kids to adults and the amount of personal space you desire.

Can I take my pet

No. However, prior arrangements will be required for instances where it's absolutely necessary to take your pet. Additional fees will be applicable to sterilize the campervan after your trip for the next hire.

Can I change the date of drop off during the hire

Authorization is required from a rental provider if you want to extend your hire. The incurred extra cost will be charged to your credit card. An early drop off, for whatever reason, will receive no refund.

Can I add extra drivers

Yes, you can add additional drivers. Fees apply per every extra driver you add. Additional driver fees will be included in your rental price.

Where do I camp at night

You can camp in a caravan park, applicable national parks or on the roadside. Caravan parks are available in major town and tourist centres. You can find various recreational facilities in a caravan park such as showers, toilets, charging stations and refilling stations. You can also find camping areas in most national parks. Although there are no powered sites, the beautiful and peaceful environment is great for an overnight stay. Roadside camping is only permitted in country areas away from towns and cities. You can get a list of approved areas from your rental provider.

Where can I drive my rented campervan

Terms and conditions for each specific campervan are provided by a rental provider. Generally, two-wheel drive vehicles are permitted on sealed or bitumen roads with an exemption to small distances in well-maintained loose road surfaces leading to campgrounds. Four-wheel drive vehicles are permitted on recognized unsealed tracks with restrictions to some remote areas that will be stated in the terms and conditions. Vehicle movements can be restricted due to adverse road or weather conditions.

What is the cost of fuel

Petrol is sold by the litre and comes in leaded and unleaded grades. Prices can fluctuate and both petrol and diesel prices range from $1.80 AUD to $2.13 AUD per litre since the recent covid lockdown. The prices can be higher in remote and country areas and in 2023 we have seen petrol drop as low as around $1.60 and often under $1.70.

What is supplied with the campervan

Basic equipment such as cooking, bedding, utensils and toiletries are supplied. However, we recommend you purchase enough supplies for your road trip, especially if you're traveling away from towns.

How long does the battery system last

Battery life is between 12-18 hours when fully charged depending on the use. Most campervans come equipped with two batteries. One battery will power internal appliances such as lights, air conditioning and the fridge while the second battery powers the engine. The batteries recharge as you drive or when connected to a power supply. Your batteries will remain charged as long as you are driving practical distances each day.

Do I need a reservation

Yes, you will require a reservation, especially during peak season. Prices vary depending on the season.

How do I make a reservation

You can make a reservation via a phone call, email or via the online booking form. A deposit will be required to confirm your reservation. You can pay your reservation via credit card, bank transfers or PayPal. The remaining amount can be paid in person upon arrival via bank transfers, debit or credit card.

What charges apply if I cancel my reservation

A cancellation period is provided once you book a reservation. Cancelling outside the cancellation period will incur a cancellation fee. The cancellation fees vary by the rental provider.

Can I make changes to my reservation

Yes, you can change your reservation. Changes must be made well in advance to avoid additional charges. Changes on the location and time can lead to additional charges.

Are there any hidden costs once I hire my campervan

No, there is no hidden cost once you have filled all the information and paid for any optional extras you have requested. Everything is itemised, and the cost is explained in detail.

Can I pick up a campervan at one station and drop it at a different station

Yes, however, this is subject to availability of different providers. You will incur additional charges in relocation fees and the minimum rental period can also change.

Are there any vehicles with automatic transmission

Yes, campervan rentals are available in both manual and automatic transmission. Full vehicle specifications are outlined in our site.

Can I leave my car and any other luggage at the rental centre

Yes, you can leave your car at the rental centre free of charge. However, this is applicable if you are picking up and dropping off the campervan at the same station. If you are leaving more than one car, charges will be applicable based on the per day of hire. Your car will be stored in a secure facility.

Can I fit a baby car seat in the campervan

Campervans that can accommodate a baby car seat are available upon request. Child and booster seats are available for hire if you need one. The age and the weight of the child must be provided when hiring the campervan.

Do you offer any vehicle assistance when I am on the road

Yes, a phone number will be provided which you can call for free if you need any assistance. All emergencies and vehicle problems must be reported within 24 hours to provide ample time to resolve the issue.

What happens if the campervan breaks down

A breakdown service is provided through a 24 hour emergency customer care program as a part of your hire. Authorization will be required to carry on with any emergency repairs to repair minor problems. A receipt will be required once you return your campervan for a refund.

Will I need a rental insurance cover

Although rental insurance cover is not mandatory, it is worth it. In the event of an accident, a rental insurance cover will restrict the maximum you are liable for as long as all terms and conditions are observed. However, rental insurance does not cover personal injuries. Personal travel insurance will be required.

Are there any conditions of returning the motorhome

Every motorhome should be returned in a clean and the same condition as it was at the time of hire. Failure to meet the required conditions can lead to extra charges where applicable.

What happens if I return the campervan late

It's important to contact your rental provider in such an instance. Additional fees will be charged for any late returns.

Are the campervans dependable

Yes, the campervans are highly dependable. They undergo regular servicing and maintenance to ensure high standards of dependability.

Do I have to pay a bond

Yes, a bond (security deposit) will be required at the time of campervan pick up. The bond will be paid in full amount and will be refunded once the campervan is returned in good order. However there are various rental providers that provide a value pack to reduce the rental bond.


Please note the information above only answers frequently asked questions. Answers to these questions are subject to change. For more information on terms and conditions, please refer to the provided motorhome rental agreement.

Whilst the motohome is on hire with the rental agency it will be protected by their insurance and breakdown cover. In the unlikely event that the vehicle gets damaged or is in an accident, the motorhome hire agency will retrieve the necessary cost of repair from the hirer.

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