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Corona is a city in Riverside County, California. The population of Corona is almost 160,000, and the city itself only occupies a 100 square kilometre area. The nearest airport to the city is Corona Municipal Airport. The town of Corona was once known as the Lemon Capital of the World. A museum there show case the lemon's former role in the local economy.

The circular Grand Boulevard of the city is an immensely curious piece of architecture. The city of Corona has been popular among celebrities drawn to its upscale areas and relative privacy compared to Los Angeles. Major shopping areas in Corona include The Crossings at South Corona which consists of over sixty five major retailers, restaurants and movie theatres, and the shops at Dos Lagos, an open air mall with a large selection of upscale shopping and dining.

The Cleveland National Forest and Santa Ana Mountains are two short peninsular mountains range that are situated along the coast of Southern California. The Santa Ana Mountains as part of the California Floristic Province which host a diverse array of plant species within distinctive natural communities.

A surprising variety of wildlife can be found here including Mountain Lions, American Black Bears, Mule Deer, Gray Foxes, Ring-tailed Cats, Kangaroo Rats, Western Pond Turtles, Bats, Coast Horned Lizards, Spotted Owls, Golden Eagles, Speckled Rattlesnakes, Pacific Rattlesnakes, Common King Snakes, Gopher Snakes, California tree frogs, California Sister Butterflies, various species of tarantulas, and lots more.

A 35 foot waterfall, called Ortega waterfalls is a refreshing seasonal waterfall. Santiago Peak is the highest and most prominent peak of both the Santa Ana Mountains and Orange County. There is more than one trail leads to the top of Santiago Peak, the most popular among hikers is the Holy Jim trail. The Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve is home to several native plant communities and habitats, including purple needle grass.

Other attractions in Corona include the Skull Canyon Zipline, the Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa, and the Pole Position Raceway.