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The city of El Monte is a combination of residential, industrial as well as commercial in the county of Los Angeles in California. El Monte is a 6.4 by 11.2 kilometre area territory of fertile, low lying land located in the east of Los Angeles between the Rio Hondo and San Gabriel rivers.

The city has always offered seclusion to both residents and travellers alike. El Monte is the eye of the San Gabriel Valley where the two major highways, the Interstate 10 and 605 intersect. According to the census reports of 2013, the population of the city is around 115,708.

The city's theme slogan is Welcome to friendly El Monte. Interestingly enough quite a few TV soaps originated in El Monte. The nearest airport to the city is Long Beach Airport situated some 40 kilometres from the city.

The Arcadia Historical Society was founded in 1952, and it was created for the purpose of collecting and conserving work of arts and materials reflecting the affluent heritage of Arcadia, California which a little over 7 kilometres from the centre of El Monte. The Santa Anita Race Track and Alhambra Golf Course are other attractions.

In recent times, immigrants from Taiwan, China, the Philippines, Indochina, Vietnam, and South and Central America have moved into El Monte, providing a cosmopolitan flavour and strong workforce. Though there are changes occurring in the city, El Monte continues to present a home for those who search for new opportunities and pursue innovative dreams.