RV Rentals from San Francisco Airport

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San Francisco International Airport or SFO for short, is located 21 kilometres from the downtown San Francisco, and provides air travel to North American regions, European and Asian countries. It is the Bay area's largest airport. Second to the Los Angeles International Airport, the airport is second busiest in the State of California. The airport on average services nearly 45 million passengers every year.

United Airlines & Virgin America have major offices in the airport. Virgin America's operations are conducted here, as well as maintenance and engineering workshops for the maintenance of aircraft. The commission of SFO airport, also has operational ventures at a number of Honduran airports.

The airport has recently implemented a flying quietly initiative, and now grades aircraft according to the noise control techniques adopted by them. The Aircraft Noise Abatement Office started the Jon C Long Fly Quiet Program in order to cause as little disruption as possible to nearby businesses and residents.

The Louis A Turpen Aviation Museum is a first of its kind, and is located in the airport. The Airport uses a passenger transportation system called the Air Train. It is a fully automated system that is interconnected to all four terminals. The rail station of SFO Airport is called BART, and is a rail link connecting the city of San Francisco, the airport, and the general Bay Area. Buses, shuttles, limousines and taxis are also available from all the airport terminals.