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You can compare Santa Fe Springs campervan hire very easily with Compare & Choose, Santa Fe Springs is located in the US State of California. The city itself is almost 23 square kilometres, and has a population of nearly 17,000. The Long Beach Airport which is 27 kilometres from the city, is the nearest major airport. The city's economy is based mainly upon light industry such as car ancillary parts mainly for Cadillac, and commercial and defense aircraft parts. In Spanish the meaning of Santa Fe is holy faith.

Every September, a festival called Fiesta Patrias is celebrated where the locals engage in recreational activities along with trucks loaded with Spanish gourmet foods. Live Spanish musical concerts are also held at the festival. The city also has The Blue Star Service Banner Program, which is a way that the residents of Santa Fe pay their tributes to the people of the city who are currently serving in the national armed forces.

The Clarke Estate is a historical hall used for as an outdoor wedding and reception venue. The Hathaway Ranch Museum is built upon 5 acres of land comprising of buildings and artefacts that showcase the original tools used for ranching and farming. The Museum also illustrates the sudden change of the local economy, following the discovery of oil fields in the area.

The Santa Fe Heritage Park is built upon an old ranch estate. It comprises 6 acres of land and is beautifully landscaped. The Carriage Barn House sits within the ranch land and serves as a museum. The park also has a historical 80 ton train.