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Victorville is situated in the Victor Valley, which is located in the south western part of San Bernardino County in the state of California. With a population of around 121,000 and takes up just a fraction over 189 square kilometres, the city was officially incorporated in 1962 by the State of California.

The city is guarded by Aldelanto in the west; on the eastern side is Apple Valley and to the south is Hesperia. The Mojave River flows irregularly throughout the city. The city is above 900 meters above sea level at City Hall. The LA Ontario International airport is the major airport, which is some 74 kilometres from Victorville.

The city is both economical and cost effective for businessmen. Many renowned and international business have established their manufacturing, logistics operations in Victorville due to the cost effectiveness that the city offers. The city is also a favourite for retailers. The Mall of Victor is one of the most prominent retail houses of the city.

The city is home to various distinguished places like the Old Sheriff's Office, the historic US Route 66, Spring Valley Lake and the Southern California Logistics Airport. A high speed rail system called Xpress West connects the city to the State of Colorado. Victorville is also a popular location for film shoots. Some of the more popular films that have been shot in Victorville include Stanley and Livingstone, It Came From Outer Space, Grand Theft Auto, The Hills Have Eyes, The Hitcher, Lethal Weapon, Face Off, Breakdown, Contact, Play It to the Bone, Times Like These music video by the Foo Fighters, Kill Bill Volume 2 and The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift.

The Veteran's Memorial in Old Town Victorville was established to increase awareness and reverence for Memorial Day. The California Route 66 Museum preserves a number of donated mementoes depicting interesting and unusual items. It is a specialty museum which reveals America's transportation past.

The Mojave Narrows Regional Park offers exciting camping opportunities to both visitors and locals. It is home to over 1,500 different species of wildlife, and is often frequented by bird-watchers, horse riders and campers. The two lakes within the park are not only the home of migratory birds, but it is also a well known fishing spot. At the park you can hire ponies and horses from the local stables, and the park is densely populated with cottonwood and willow trees.