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Cheap RV Rentals Minnesota U.S.A

Minnisota , nicknamed The Gopher State, is located in the Midwest United States. It has a population of 5.4 million Minnesotans with a total area of 225,181 square kilometres. The capital is Saint Paul and the largest city is Minneapolis. Rochester, and St Paul are other large cities in the state.

Minnesota is home to many forests, prairies, and the North Woods, used for mining. There are also volcanic mountains, which contain some of the oldest rocks on Earth. Massive retreating glaciers carved the land into its current, stunning contours, leaving behind many lakes and vantage points along the way. Minnesota also has coastline along Lake Superior, offering access to the third largest lake in the world making this an awsome location to hop in your motorhome and see the great sights.

Shop till you drop at the Mall of America, make faces at the monkeys at Como Park Zoo and Conservatory, cool off at the Water Park of America, stretch the legs on a hike up Spirit Mountain, Minnehaha Falls, Mount Kato, or get your fix of thrills at the Valleyfair Amusement Park. Minnesota has much to offer, ranging from state parks to helicopter tours.

Come and experience a state so diverse that everyone will have something to talk about and dive into.

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