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Billings is the largest city in the State of Montana, and just over 109,000 people call Billings home. The city has experienced rapid growth and has a strong economy, and continues to have the largest growth of any city in Montana. The Billings Logan International Airport is approximately 5 kilometres northwest of downtown Billings. Billings was nicknamed Magic City due to its prominent growth as a railroad town in 1882.

Billings is home to Montana State University. Pompey's Pillar National Monument is a rock formation located in south central Montana. In 2006 the Pompey's Pillar Interpretive Center was opened. It exhibits the journey of Captain William Clark and his detachment that included Sacagawea, a Native American Indian, and her son Pomp, down the Yellowstone River Valley in 1806.

The pillar itself stands 45 metres above the Yellowstone River. Pictograph Caves is a 93,000 square metre area containing three different types of caves being Pictograph, Middle, and Ghost caves, and is located 8 kilometres to the south of Billings. The process of excavation of the three caves began in 1937, and they were the milestone of some of Montana's first professional archaeological studies.

The city still recalls the legendary figures such Lewis and Clark, Chief Sitting Bull, Custer and Calamity Jane. Museums, galleries and landmarks honouring them from the Old West dot the city making it a history buff's dream destination.

Billings is surrounded by six breathtaking mountain ranges, and it offers ample opportunities for a wide range of fresh air recreation, including hiking, mountain biking, golf and viewing rare Montana wildlife. Tourists can spend time at the Western Heritage Center which is an interactive museum full of clothing and remarkable artefacts from the Yellowstone River Valley.