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Located in the New England area of the Northeast United States is Rhode Island and it is the smallest state in the union, with an area of only 3,140 square kilometres. Its 1,050,292 citizens make the state the second most densely populated in the U.S. The capital is Providence, which is also the largest city and only city in the state with more than 100,000 residents.

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Rhode Island has a small southern coast line along the Atlantic Ocean, as well as several bays in the east that just northward into the interior of the state. The state isnt known for its mountains, but is definitely naturally beautiful. From the highlands in the Northwestern part of the state, many views of the states eastern forests and lowlands can be had.

Everything in Rhode Island is beautiful: the people, the architecture, the scenery and the wildlife. With rocky coast lines that look like something out of a movie, Block Island, and the masterpiece known as The Breakers, Rhode Island is so peaceful that you are guaranteed to keep you coming back. The summer homes along the coast are some of the most diverse and fantastic in the world and a must see.