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Bellingham is the largest city in the state of Washington. It is known as the City of Subdued Excitement by nickname. The population of the city is almost 83,000. Due to its close proximity to the Canadian city of Vancouver, the city is usually always crowded with Canadian tourists. It is famous for cheap gasoline products which are much higher in Canada. The nearest airport is Bellingham International Airport, which is only 5 kilometres north-west of the city.

The scenic marvel of Upper Falls in Whatcom Falls Park is extremely popular with the citizens as well as with the tourists. Numerous walking trails are constructed along the park and they come to life during the months of summer when people stroll through them. The Mount Baker Ski Area about 50 kilometres east of Bellingham is very popular with the skiing enthusiasts.

Whatcom Museum of History and Art gives a glimpse of historic lineage of the city through paintings and sculptors. The history of railroads of Whatcom County is beautifully depicted in the Bellingham Railway Museum. The educationally rich Spark Museum of Electrical Invention delineates the advancement of electrical engineering throughout years.

Being a wine lover's paradise, the city is filled with wineries and local breweries. For outdoor people the city offers the options of hiking, biking, camping, kayaking, sailing, golf and snow sports. Country music can also be enjoyed at numerous rural venues.

When it comes to local restaurants, you will find that the good majority of them offer Pacific Northwest flavoured cuisines.

The annual Bellingham Scottish Highland Games salutes the traditional Scottish rituals wherein many competitions are organized such as piping, drumming, dancing and athletics. The Bellingham Festival of Music brings together musicians from major American and European orchestra's.

Other tourist attractions which are certainly worth a look include Lake Padden, Lummi Island, Lairmont Manor, Portage Island, Sehome Hill Arboretum, the Heritage Flight Museum and White City.