Emerald Airport Car Hire

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If your looking to hire a car from Emerald airport you will get some great deals with Compare & Choose on car rentals direct from the terminal. We not only hire them from Emerald Airport, we have you covered on all around the globe for you to compare.

Flights in and out of Emerald Airport

Emerald Airport usually has around 5 flights every day and an average of 3 flights per day on a weekend, Emerald Airport went through refurbishments of over $7,000,000 which was completed in late 2010. We compare and provide the cheapest deals from the airport for visiting & your fly in fly out needs.

Airport location

For your information Emerald Aiport is approximately 620 kilmometers south of Townsville straight down the A7. Emerald Airport is located inland around 273 kilometers away from Rockhampton straight across the A4 Capricorn Highway and finally is approximately 873 kilometers away from Brisbane via the A7 and the A2 National Highway. Whether it be a last minute rental car or a pre-booked car rental reservation we are confident we will have a vehicle to suit your needs