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Renting a campervan from Brussels is easy, you can compare & Choose the best prices and deals right here for your vacation. Originally Brussels was established in the 10th century as a fortress town, to current times where it is now a city with around 1.2 million people, and approximately 1.8 million people in the greater Brussels metropolitan area.

Brussels is located approximately 80 kilometres from the French border in the south, and 80 kilometres to the Dutch border of the Netherlands in the north. Germany and Luxembourg border Belgium to the east.

Brussels has traditionally been a Dutch speaking city, but in 1830 there was a significant shift to French when Belgium claimed independence. Today, it is a bilingual city, with most signage and advertisements are displayed in both languages.

The beautiful city of Brussels has quickly become one of the places to be seen when it comes to holidays. Being the largest city in Belgium, it isn't all just chocolates and beers. There are more attractions than you can even begin to imagine.

Often dubbed the European Village, it has well over 85 museums, beautiful parks, enchanting walks, chic restaurants and bars, and of course some of the most famous beers and chocolates in the world.

If you find yourself in Brussels, apart from maybe bumping into Jean-Claude Van Damme aka the muscles from Brussels, be sure to take in Manneken Pis, Brussels Town Hall, Coudenberg, Palace Royale, Boise de la Cambre, Jeanneke Pis, Halle Gate and Egmont Place.