Campervan Hire Helsinki

Campervan Hire Finland

Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is bordered by the Baltic Sea. The tortured geography of the 100 kilometre long coastline includes a large number of bays, inlets and an astonishing speckling of nearly 300 islands. The city lays in the Uusimaa region which is located in the southern part of Finland, and runs into the Gulf of Finland.

The city is home to over 600,000 people, whilst the greater metropolitan area accommodates over 1.4 million, making it the most populated area in Finland. The city also shares a very intimate historical link with Saint Petersburg in Russia, Tallinn in Estonia and Stockholm in Sweden. Another interesting fact is that Helsinki is the world's most northern metropolitan area with over one million inhabitants. After Stockholm and Copenhagen it is the third largest city in all of the Nordic countries.

Helsinki is easily discovered by foot, and is ideal for just strolling. Whilst it is somewhat of a compact city, it has everything you could want, from stunning architecture, rich Finnish culture and endless possibilities for outdoor activities.