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The Cologne Bonn Airport with an IATA code of CGN services Germany's fourth largest city Cologne, as well as the area of Bonn. The is also referred to in German as Koln Bonn-Konrad Adenauer or Flughafen Koln-Wahn. The airport is ideally located to provide easy access from both Cologne and Bonn. It is situated in the district of Porz, and is only about 15 kilometres from Cologne, and 16 kilometres from Bonn.

The airport is the 7th largest in Germany, and the 2nd largest in regards to the handling of cargo. Each year the airport handles more than 9 million passengers. There are very few 24 hour airports in Germany, however the Cologne Bonn Airport is one of them. The airport is an strategic hub for FedEx, UPS Airlines and Germanwings.

There are two terminals at the Cologne Bonn Airport. Terminal 1, is the eldest of the two terminals, which heralds from the 1970's, and has what could only be described as ugly bare concrete sections that make up its design. Terminal 1 has the usual array of restaurants, shops and services, plus a viewing deck on the roof of the building. Germanwings, Austrian Airlines and Luftansa are the main airlines that operate from this terminal.

The younger of the two terminals, Terminal 2 is interconnected to Terminal 1 via a walkway. The terminal is a lot more archicecturally pleasing inits design, being made of glass and steel. Ryanair, Air France, Iran Air and Air Berlin predominately use this terminal. Terminal 2 also has a direct connection via the basement level to the airport's train station.

The airport is accessible via the ICE 3 high speed train service, S'Bahn and other regional train services, taxi or shuttle and local bus services from both Cologne and Bonn.