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Compare life insurance quotes from AIA. We compare insurance options with twelve of the leading Australian life insurance companies for you to choose from. With AIA Life Insurance Protection, you can be sure of a good choice.

AIA are specialists with a knowledgeable 40 years experience in the insurance product market. They offer many ranges of insurance products to over 3 million Australians through a massive network of financial advisers and partners like us. Since they brought out the AIA Vitality life insurance rewards, they have gone from strength to strength in the insurance sector.

Backed by the AIA Group in over 18 markets in many regions around the world, you will be sure to find a life insurance policy to fit your financial circumstances.

Do I really need Life Insurance ?

Life insurance is often talked about but a lot of people don't quite know exactly what it is and what you might need it for. You take out life insurance to protect others, not yourself. It is to protect others like your spouse and children when you are no longer able to financially provide or assist them. There are so many reasons why you should have a backup like life insurance and here are the most common uses:

Cover costs like funeral expenses – the average cost of a funeral in Australia is $10,000 so this can be a big weight on your family's shoulders at an emotionally difficult time.

Pay for living expenses and mortgage – without your income, your mortgage still needs to be paid and life insurance cover can help with that. Your family can still afford to pay for groceries and even school fees and they feel at ease knowing they can afford to continue living in their family home.

When deciding how much cover to take out, it is a good idea to look at how much after-tax income you would earn yearly and normally contribute to the family's household. Without your income, think about how your family will live and how much they might need to sacrifice if it is not replaced with income protection insurance.

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