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We compare life insurance quotes from BT (Bankers Trust). They have a rock solid reputation which is built on their expertise in investments, insurance, superannuation, and advice. BT offers life insurance comparison prices, guidance and tips to help to their customers become better investors, in order to allow them to meet and exceed their personal and lifestyle goals.

BT has been helping Australians prepare for the best since 1969. BT understands better than anyone financial security and protection is all about preparing for the best. The best for you and your loved ones, and the lifestyle you deserve.

BTs innovative and award-winning products, make it easy for all Australians to prepare for their financial future.

Bt Life Insurance

In 2015, BT supported over 3,300 individuals by paying out over $276 million in life insurance benefits. In the same year, the company won the "Platinum Award for Life Company of the Year" at the AFA/Plan for Life Awards.

Financial security is usually the main reason to take out a life insurance policy however, with so many choices in the market, you may also like to explore the non-monetary support you will additionally receive if a claim needs to be made. For example, receiving your finances in an easy and compassionate way could be an important factor to consider. For a trusted and respectful team, you can rely on BT who also won "Claims Team of the Year" in 2015.

You can protect your family from financial hardship, should they be left without you prematurely, through BT life insurance. Your family can receive a lump sum if you pass away or are diagnosed with an unexpected terminal illness.

Increase Insurance Cover

With BT, you can also choose to increase cover in the future for other specific life events that are not necessarily medically related. Another great feature of holding your life insurance policy with BT is that they will automatically upgrade your policy to the latest protection plan available, that isn't an increase in your premiums. You'll also have peace of mind knowing that you are covered anywhere around the world, anytime.

Paying for your life insurance is easy with a range of payment options plus the choice of either Stepped premiums or Level premiums. Stepped premiums mean your required payment amount is calculated based on your age each year and the sum insured. With Stepped premiums, you generally notice an increase each year in the amount you need to pay. On the other hand, if you choose to go with Level premiums, BT determine your payment plan from the start and it remains fixed through the entire period. It is important to note that regardless of whether you take out Level or Stepped premiums, you may notice a change in the amount payable due to things like a CPI increase.

Planning for your future is important and you don't have to wait to ensure your family's future is secure. Individuals from the age of 15 can begin a life insurance policy with BT. Depending on the exact life insurance policy you take out, you may be eligible for the following benefits including assistance with a financial planner after a Death Benefit has been paid, reimbursement of funeral costs and the opportunity to have counselling sessions to get back on your feet.

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