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Compare life insurance quotes from Macquarie Life. As a tiny start up company in 1969, with only three staff, This is where The Macquarie Group began. Although their original trading name was actually Hill Samuel Australia it began nevertheless.

In 1981, a proposal to become a trading bank commenced. In 1985 the Federal Treasurer granted the approval for Hill Samuel Australia to become Macquarie Bank Limited. This strategic move by Hill Samuel made them the second private trading bank to be established in Australia.

The Macquarie Group actually took its name from an early Governor of New South Wales, Lachlan Macquarie, who dramatically transformed the early settlement in Australia from a penal colony into a dynamic economy.

In 1985 in Sydney, Macquarie Bank opened its doors for business. Later that same year a trading bank was opened in Melbourne, and in Brisbane in 1986. Today Macquarie Life differentiate themselves by not just offering the same standard life insurance products and services as their competitors. Macquarie Life pride themselves on continuously listening to their customers, and their insurance needs, which in turn shapes their future products. Their three simple yet comprehensive insurance solutions is to ensure you have the right protection to suit you.

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