Life Insurance Prices

Life Insurance Prices

Compare life insurance prices right here with Compare & Choose. We compare protection options with twelve of the leading Australian life cover companies to provide you with the best cover available. You can receive instant life options from a personal dedicated consultant. Comparing insurance is free, simple and never been so easy to use.

Life Insurance Cover

Insurance cover prices vary from provider to provider but consider this. You may never think you will become terminally ill but it does happen unfortunately. You have to think of how your family were to cope should such a tragedy happen. Would they manage if you did not have a life plan in place? Could they manage to keep up mortgage payments, car payments & the car costs. We all know you would not want this to happen, so, take your time have a think why life protection insurance is so critical if you are not there to help and gain peace of mind about your family's future.

Admit it: When someone walks up to you, introduces himself and tells you that he's in the insurance business, your first instinct is to run in the other direction so quickly, you could give a cheetah a run for the money. There are lots of reasons people don't like to deal with the topic of life protection. First, society at large tends to be relatively death denying, so any reminder of mortality doesn't sit well. Alternately, your objections may be rooted in your budget: You glance at your pay statement and mutter about all of those deductions. One more? Thanks, but no.

On the other hand, you may believe that a whole life policy policy that has cash value in addition to paying death benefits isn't a wise investment, or perhaps you simply don't trust the industry. These are all good reasons to shy away from buying a term life policy (the type that just pays death benefits) and whole life, and you probably know many like minded people who feel the same way.

But, stop for a moment. Learn about the many benefits you can look forward to, simply by acquiring a life protection insurance policy that fits your budget and your unique long-term objectives! No matter your age, your financial circumstances or your outlook, find out how much you have to gain by purchasing a product especially one tailored to your lifestyle.

Singles Insurance Cover

But, I'm Young and Single! Of course you're young and single, and your thoughts are likely on career building, meeting your soulmate and acquiring the trappings of success, but it's important to take a step back and ask yourself if you will ever again be in a position to buy an insurance policy that's attached to so low a premium thanks to your age and good health. In many cases, a monthly term life premium could cost less than a single night on the town, which offers no return on your investment in the future.

A low premium isn't the only benefit you can expect when buying a life policy. Your image is to be considered, too. Buying a policy even a modest one shows your family and the world that you're independent, responsible and mature, and if seek an investment vehicle to kick off a portfolio for future growth, a whole life protection plan shows the world that you are savvy and practical too. Use your age and your health to your advantage by contacting an insurance broker or agent to learn more about insurance coverages so you can move forward knowing that you're ready for anything life throws your way.

Joint Married Life Policies

Just Got Married; We're Sure Not Thinking About Dying. Of course you're not, but it's easy to fall into the "We've got two incomes, so let's live it up!" trap. But if you and your new spouse are pragmatic souls, learning how a life policy can enhance your future plans could change your mind. Do you plan to have children down the road? Now is the time to safeguard your family's future. Nobody wants to mull dire scenarios in which one spouse is injured or worse, but marriage means double expenses and the loss of one income when a couple is dependent upon two can be catastrophic. Besides, two incomes means you can afford a little out-of-pocket cash for one or two insurance policies guaranteed to help you both sleep better at night.

Here's another benefit to consider:

If you each take out a whole life policy (with cash value) on the other, you will build a nest egg with the potential to underwrite major purchases down the road for that house, a boat or a second home. You're wise enough to understand that policy premiums particularly if they're deducted from your salary before you see your net pay out can easily and quickly be assimilated into a household budget without causing a ripple while you're both young and healthy.

Young Family Policies

Oh, Baby! You know the drill: College savings funds, braces, clothing, a larger home and more. Having kids seems a sweet, exciting, romantic notion before you learn how much it costs to raise them. But, you've an obligation to protect your family, and the larger the clan, the more critical the need for insurance. A quick glimpse at newspaper headlines are enough to remind you of how quickly a disaster can happen: A commuter rail accident. Car wreck. An accident that turns a healthy breadwinner into an invalid or worse, in a matter of minutes.

Circumstances can change in a heartbeat. For example, the disability or death of a mother may require a husband to bring in household help to cook, clean and care for young children. Further, the extreme stress under which ambitious people live can trigger heart attacks even in young men and women and nobody is immune from cancer. As repugnant as such truths may be, there's no escaping the fact that your family's future security can come down to your willingness to acknowledge these possibilities and respond accordingly by purchasing either term insurance (pays the value of the policy if you die) or a whole protection policy (coverage with cash value).

Aside from protecting your loved ones, whole life policies can underwrite some major expenses if you act while your children are young: take out a whole life policy on each child at extremely low rates and build enough equity over the years to pay college tuitions.

Older Family Cover

At Last: The Nest is Empty. Once the kids have flown the nest, your days of hefty home mortgage payments may be history and perhaps it no longer costs a fortune to run your household. At this juncture in your life, it would seem that life protection makes zero sense. But, think about it for a moment. Is your spouse still able to hold down a job if something happens to you and your contribution to the family budget vanishes? Protecting one's spouse from hardships remains as big a responsibility as it was at the beginning of your shared life. Besides, you're both entering a magical new phase of life: travel, retirement and perhaps home improvements to make your abode easier to navigate may be on your bucket list. This is where the whole life policies you purchased decades ago can provide you with cash for the extras that you finally have time to enjoy.

Whole insurance income has been known to provide an infusion of investment capital after decades of premium payments, so whether you want to rest easily at night knowing that you don't have to worry about finances or you've got adventures on your mind that require money to undertake them without tapping your household budget, insurance is never more important than it is at this time. Here's another reason to be thankful for having the wisdom to buy a whole insurance policy while the kids were young: Financial shortfalls can occur at any time, remember the 2008 financial crash experienced around the globe? The cash value of a whole insurance policy could act as your hedge fund against future disasters.

Over 65 Insurance

Who Needs Insurance at My Age? You've arrived at a benchmark: That 65th birthday has finally made putting candles on your birthday cake a fire hazard rather than a celebratory glow, so your instinct may be to get rid of the life policies you've been carrying for years. Stop and think before you act. Acknowledging your arrival at this stage of life requires one to face the reality that illness, injury and death are more likely at this point, simply because you've lived on this earth for so many years. Even a well-maintained body has a shelf life. If you're lucky enough to share this stage of your life with your spouse, keeping him or her protected via insurance coverage becomes the gift you give to show your commitment to making sure he or she doesn't have to worry about surviving or depending upon the kids at an advanced age.

If you have been attending the funerals of your contemporaries, you may have watched families deal with estate taxes after the death of a loved one. Having equity in a life policy can make short work of that debt. On the other hand, you may still be working or own your own business and perhaps you've experienced a renaissance of energy and want to buy out your business partner. Forget about having to find funding: the cash value of your life coverage can solve such dilemmas. You can't go around catastrophizing or the fun you've awaited for so many decades will be dashed by "doom and gloom" thoughts and perhaps that's the best reason of all to continue to carry an insurance policy: If you're covered, you don't have to give it a second thought. Now isn't that the way you envisioned your final years?

Life cover providers

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