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Zurich Airport, commonly also referred to as Zurich Kloten Airport, is the biggest international airport in Switzerland. It is also the home of Swiss International Air Lines. The airport is only 13 kilometres north of Zurich. The IATA code for the airport is ZRH.

There are three runways at the airport. Although not always the same runways are used for the same purpose and are rotated due to weather conditions, one runway is dedicated to landings, and the other two are dedicated to take offs.

Because Zurich Airport participates in the Schengen Agreement, which was launched in 1985, all passengers are split into either Schengen or non-Schengen travellers. This applies for both departing and arriving passengers.

In short, the Schengen Agreement is a conglomerate of some 26 countries throughout Europe. The main concept behind the establishment of it, was to allow smaller European countries that shared borders or multiple borders with other European countries, to abolish the need for passports and other border controls. Conceptually, all of these 26 unique countries, now function as a single country if you like.

There are three terminals that make up the airport A, B and E. The airport is a little different to most other airports that you may have encountered. Traditionally airports are split amongst regional, domestic and international.

Terminal A is primarily for domestic or Schengen destinations, Terminal B is used for both Schengen and some non-Schengen flights, and Terminal E is exclusively used for non-Schengen international flights.

Within all of the areas of the Zurich Airport, there are a wide range of duty free shops, eateries, bars, restaurants and other specialty shops. It even has hairdressing salons, medical clinics, dentists, travel agents, day rooms and lounges.

The airport also provides access to all other surface based transportation such as taxis, limousines, buses and trains.