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Trauma Insurance Cover

Compare trauma insurance quotes. We compare trauma insurance (critical illness) options with many of the leading Australian trauma insurance companies to provide you with the best cover available.

Trauma Insurance Prices

Trauma insurance sometimes known as Critical illness insurance will pay out a lump sum in the event that you happen to be diagnosed with a medical illness ( illnesses vary from insurer to insurer so make sure you check the terms and conditions, they can include various conditions such as a stroke, a heart attack & cancer diagnosis etc. The Trauma insurance is aimed at providing you with financial assistance when you need it most. It's the kind of critical illness cover you never really look to take out until you realise it's to late. The insurance cover can assist you with many unforseen medical bills such as organ transplants and coronary bypass surgery, so while your reading this take a minute to think about the benefits and small costs of insurance outweighing not having any medical cover at all.