XE Money Exchange - Overseas Transfers

About XE Money Exchange

XE Money Transfer is the quick, easy, and secure way to transfer money around the globe. With competitive exchange rates you can book international payments 24/7.

Sending money around the world can be expensive, time consuming, and complicated, especially if you're relying on your bank. But XE has changed all that with XE Money Transfer, the easy, quick and affordable alternative for both individuals and businesses.

Company History

As one of the original dot coms, XE have helped kick start the online revolution. They are proud to be the worlds trusted currency authority and their online tools have helped over 250 million people annually. XE.com users have sent 1.5 million money transfers worldwide, valued at more than 11 billion dollars.

Quick Overview

Product Name XE Money Transfer
Min. Transfer Amount AUD 10,000
Transfer Methods Online, Phone
Transfer Options Regular payments, One off payments, Market orders, Options and Forward contracts
Transfer Speed 1 days
Banking Partner XE Money Transfers
Customer Service Phone, Online available 24/7

When to use XE Money Transfer

XE money transfer specialises in helping you get a better exchange rate, perfect if you are relocating internationally and transferring large sums, or if you have a business with an international payment or receipt. XE money transfer dealers are Qualifying Financial Entity (QFE) advisers they are licensed and authorised to provide financial advice, they help you understand the options available when making a transfer, enabling you to convert funds at the daily rate or use a risk management strategy to try and achieve a better than current market rate. Whatever your circumstances XE money transfer dealing team will be on hand to assist.

Why choose XE Money Transfer

XE money transfer help you keep more of your money with fee free transfers and bank-beating exchange rates, regularly checking the main high street banks to make sure your overall price is better. XE money transfers offer a range of risk market solutions that allow you to protect yourselves from the rate moving against you whilst participating in the market if the rate moves in your favour.

Security and Safety

Secure They take the greatest care in ensuring the security of XE Money Transfer. That is why they use Norton security - 97 of the world's 100 largest banks and over 93% of Fortune 500 companies use Norton. In addition, Norton secures more than one million Web servers worldwide.

Regulated They take all legal responsibilities very seriously. Where required, their provider has regulatory approval in every country that they operate in including FinCen in the USA, the Financial Conduct Authority (under the Payment Services Regulations for the provision of payment services) in the UK, ASIC in Australia and the FMA in New Zealand.

How to send or receive money overseas using XE Money Transfers

In 4 Easy steps and you can send money internationally

  • 1) How Much - Register to XE money transfer through the compare and choose link. Once registered you can get a free quote, you choose the currencies and amount you want to send.
  • 2) Who - Tell them where you'd like them to send your money to.
  • 3) Pay – confirm your order and send your money to them.
  • 4) Send – Sit Back and relax, as they do the rest and send your money around the world.

What are the costs

XE fees are simple: $0

All international payments with XE Money Transfer are fee free. Note: As with all money transfer providers this does not include the cost of you transferring the funds to XE Money Transfer, any charges incurred where the funds are being sent in a different currency to the destination bank account, or correspondent bank charges.

XE exchange rates are better

Understanding how much you can save using XE money transfers, is a simple benchmarking exercise by comparing XE rates with other banks and providers. You will also need to consider "when is the right time to transfer your funds", in most instances this will depend on when you have access to the money, and a timeline for the transfer to be made. Understanding these two key points and working with XE money transfers dealers will assist XE to deliver more money into your beneficiary account.