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Being one of the fastest growing cities in Zambia, Lusaka is also the capital and biggest city in the country. It is also one of the fastest growing cities in all of Southern Africa. The city itself resides on the central plateau towards the southern end, and is over 1,300 metres above sea level.

The population of the city is almost 1.8 million. Lusaka is the connection point to the country's major highways, that head out to the north, south, west and east. The city is also the hub for the government in Zambia, as well as commerce. Traditionally English is the main language of the city, but Bemba and Nyanja are also used by the natives.

As with a lot of locations in Africa, it isn't necessarily the best for landmark type attractions, but nevertheless, there are a few good ones in Lusaka, as it is the largest city in the country. Some of the notable mentions include the Lusaka National Museum, the Moore Pottery Factory, the Zambian National Assembly, the Freedom Statue, the Political Museum, the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, and even a zoo.

If you fancy a bit of shopping there are two great shopping malls in the city, Arcades and Manda Hill shopping malls. Manda Hill was given a makeover not that long ago, and now has movie theatres and even a KFC.

The city also has an international airport, the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, or the Lusaka International Airport as it was formerly known. Both passenger airlines and the military share the airport.