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Situated some 300 kilometres to the south west of France is the city of Angers. The city covers almost 43 square kilometres, and is home to some 147,000 residents. However the greater metropolitan area is home to well over 395,000 people. Prior to the French Revolution, Angers was the actual capital of the Anjou province. The locals from this province are commonly referred to as Angevins.

The city is the third most populated city following Nantes and Rennes to the North West of France, and is the 17th most populated city in the country. The city is located where the Loir, Mayenne and Sarthe River's converge. The primary commerce for the city is business tourism, industry and horticulture. The closet airport to the city is the Angers Loire Airport, which is 20 kilometres from centre of Angers.

There is very much a rich cultural heritage, with flows through it's museums and universities. It has several famous universities such as the Universite Catholique de L'Ouest, the Centre international d'etude de la langue francaise, the Institut pour le developpement du conseil et de l'entreprise and the University of Angers.

The city also gives way to some beautiful parks and natural areas. It is located right on the fringe of the Val de Loire which is a listed World Heritage Site, and also the Loire-Anjou-Touraine. Transportation in and around the city includes the tram, railway and bus services.

The city of Angers has two sister, Haarlem in the Netherlands, Osnabruck in Germany, Bamako in Mali, Pisa, in Italy, Wigan in the United Kingdom, Sodertalje in Sweden, Seville in Spain, Yantai in China, Austin in the USA and Omer in Israel.

Some of the main tourist attractions include the Angers Cathedral, Terra Botanica, the Maine, the Jean Boudin Stadium, the Museum d'histoire naturelle d'Angers, Chateau du Roi Rene, St Maurice Cathedral, Maison d-Adam, Jardin du Mail, the St Aubin Monastery Ruins, David d'Angers Sculpture Gallery, the Logis Barrault, the House Poisson, the House of Croissant, Logis Pince, the Blue House, the Tower of St Aubin and the Abbey of Ronceray and Saint Nicholas.