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So your thinking of booking a campervan from Milan and heading of around Italy to see the wonderful sights, enjoying your trip via campervan rental is a great way to see Milan and the rest of Italy. You may be interested in some of the below ideas.

Milan Cathedral.

Even if you abhor strolling through churches, it's time to bow to the will of others in your party who can't get enough of them. This is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world and worth seeing. Construction began in 1386, but it took another 500 years to finish the building, probably because architects had to build 135 towers and commission 3,200 statues to embellish the place. While you're there, take in all of the attractions on the cathedral campus especially the museums.


Not everyone is an opera buff, but a visit to LaScala is mandatory when visiting Milan even if your listening preferences begin and end with Kylie Minogue and Keith Urban. This historic opera house is open for tours daily between 9:00 a.m. and 17:30 p.m. Rare exhibits of paintings, sculptures and instruments are fascinating to see. Would you like to see a performance? Book seats in advance here Teatroallascala.

Gallery of Vittorio Emanuele II.

Built in 1867, a magnificent glass roof spans this luxury shopping Mecca where high end restaurants, shops and bars await travelers. The Gallery, named for Italy's first king, is located near Milan Cathedral and La Scala. Don't ignore the mosaic on the floor of the gallery! Itvs an homage to a united Italy. We don't mean to be indelicate, but if you place your heel on the bull's testicles within the mosaic and spin around once, you are guaranteed good luck. Don't be afraid. Everyone does it.

The Last Supper.

The world famous work of art resides at the 15th Century Santa Maria della Grazie, a holy building that was completely bombed during World War II, yet the painting escaped without a scratch. Leonardo da Vinci's most famous work is on display between 8:00 a.m. and 19:30 p.m. from Tuesday to Sunday. To reach the painting, enter the church, located on the Piazza Santa Maria della Grazie, and go through the left door. Crowds? You bet but secure advance tickets and outsmart everyone else right here: Milan Museum.

Milan's Bone Church.

What happens when the curator of a small church like San Bernardino all Ossa runs out of places to bury the bones of congregants? A little creative decorating. Church officials decided to regale the small chapel, located within the 13th century church, with human bones and not an eyebrow was raised, which is how this popular tourist spot came to be. It costs nothing to see the Bone Church, but donations are gratefully accepted.

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