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If you want to book a campervan from Naples and spend your time traveling the area, there is really no better way to see Naples. A trip via a campervan is arguably the best possible way to see what Naples has to offer. If you want some suggestions on what to see, we believe that these are a few of the must-see destinations in Naples.

The Royal Palace of Naples.

This palace was constructed because Viceroy Don Fernando was worried that King Filippo III was planning a trip to Naples. Given that there was no place to house royalty at the time, the construction of this palace was subsequently ordered. Unfortunately, the King never did decide to travel to Naples. There is much to see here, so be smarter than King Filippo III and visit this palace.


This is the name of the street that crosses directly through Naples historical centre. There are very ancient origins to this street. As you go up the steps, you are making your way through the thousand-year story of Naples. If you want a truly authentic experience when visiting Naples, this is where you have to go.

Naples National Archaeological Museum.

This location did not become a museum until 1816, but it is certainly worth a visit today. Especially because it is one of the world's most important museums, because of the amazing quantity and quality of the work you can find here. There is an interesting antique coin collection, an Etruscan and Egyptian collection, and archaeological finds that come from Pompeii. There is certainly enough to do here to spend an entire day at the museum.


If you want to experience of the most beautiful green areas of Naples, travel to the ancient palace that houses the Capodimonte's museum. You are able to go back in time, because the furnishings here are mostly as the Borbonic family left them. There are three floors and 110 rooms at the museum.

Eat Pizza.

Not so much a sight to see, but rather something that you should do. You have to eat pizza in Naples, even if you are only here for a few hours. This is the birthplace of pizza, and you can see right away that Naples takes its signature dish very seriously. Make sure that you go somewhere that offers pizza vera napoletana, the true Neapolitan pizza. Savour the experience of eating pizza where it all began, but be aware that it might ruin other pizza forever.

Tour the Underground

When we are talking about the underground, we are not talking about criminal efforts. We are talking traveling underneath the historic centre of the city. The tour called Napoli Sotteranea is able to show you ruins from Roman and Greek times, and it is certainly worth a stop. Underneath the San Lorenzo Maggiore church, you are able to see what a Roman market looked like centuries ago. Unlike many of the other ruins in Rome, you do not have to be able to use your imagination when you are walking here. Especially because so much of Naples is beautifully preserved.