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Manchester has existed for a thousand years. It grew from a small village into a bustling city that has over 2.5 million people who call it home. This city's rich history and diverse population makes it one of the most unique places in the world.

A Brief History Manchester

Manchester started as a Roman fort that was later abandoned. It wasn't until 1066 that the first recorded village appeared. This village stayed after a king repaired the abandoned fort in the 11th century. Manchester's city charter was signed in 1301. During the following years, Manchester evolved in various ways as the population grew. It expanded until it became the diverse, culture-rich city that it is today.

What Kind of Climate Does Manchester Possess

The general climate of Manchester is much like any town with a sea climate. A light amount of rain falls on the city each year, with a smaller amount of snow that tends to fall on the hills and forest areas around Manchester. The temperature of Manchester is generally cool, with the average high staying around 58 degrees Celsius and a low of 27 degrees Celsius.

What Kind of Attractions Does Manchester Have?

The main draws for Manchester include the Victorian architecture, the many independent shops and the numerous family owned restaurants that dot the city. The frequent festivals, the tea shops, and the Manchester Museum are among some of the more cultured tourist attractions. Many of the draws of visiting Manchester are deeply tied to the rich history that Manchester enjoys. That's why there are numerous places like the Quays, the National Football Museum and the People's History Museum that give a unique insight into how this city as grown over the years.

Another reason to visit Manchester is to see Manchester United, the world-renowned football team, in action at the Old Trafford Stadium. Nothing is more exciting than to watch Manchester United's players compete against the local teams in the premiership and teams from all around the world.

Visit Manchester for a Unique Experience

Manchester's rich history and its rapid growth makes it one of the most interesting places to visit. Regardless of if you have an obsession about footy or you just love immersing yourself in another place's culture, Manchester is one place that you will want to visit it has things to do for everyone.

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