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We provide the best Self-drive campervan hire Australia has to offer by comparing motorhome rentals from a huge range of campervan providers. This incredible country is becoming more popular year on year as people decide to take the ultimate RV road trip. At Compare and Choose we have teamed up with our global partners to offer you an incredible choice of holiday rental vehicles, we compare prices for winnebago motorhomes, small compact 2 seater campervans right through to your luxury motorhome.

Touring Australia By Campervan.

What could be better than the worlds largest island for touring around in your motorhome. Australia Campervan Hire prices are provided by compare & choose so you get the best deals at todays prices without the hassle of trawling through many websites to find a great deal on Budget Rental. You will be sure to have an amazing adventure cruising around Australia no matter where you happen to be heading.

Australia Campervan Hire

Motorhome & RV Rentals

When you rent a campervan you want to ensure that you are getting cheap, affordable and very reasonable prices. Be rest assured with our unique service that you can get the most affordable budget RV's with Compare & Choose ensuring that it is a perfect choice for you. So why not choose to compare with us right here and get out there on your travels in some of the best vehicles in Australia.

Campervan Hire Partners

Using our guide you can do your own research on Australia's leading campervan rental providers and select from some of our best known motorhome rental companies there is. We work with some of the most well known brands such as Britz, Maui Motorhomes, JUCY and Apollo who provide some of the best motorhomes in Australia. From campervan hire in perth all the way up to Darwin and down to Melbourne, we cover the whole of Australia.

We have provided some tips and advice for visiting Australia below. We do hope this can answer most of your questions before you head out around this beautiful country. As always we are here to help so if you have any concerns, queries or want more information then please do not hesitate to contact us.

People also ask

1: Do I need a (HR) or (HGV) licence to drive a motorhome in Australia

NO, you do not need one. If you hold an open licence from your country you are able to drive a campervan in Australia on that licence.

Many people worry that they are not able to hire a motorhome if they hold a standard car driving licence, this usually makes people tend to hire the smaller campervan. This is not the case, your are able to drive a motorhome as long as you hold a full valid driving licence from the country you reside in. As an example, if you are heading over from the United Kingdom and you currently hold a valid car driving licence then you are allowed to hire and drive a campervan in Australia.

2: What type of motorhome rental insurance cover do I get

Motorhome Liability Insurance can be added into your rental during the time of booking unless standard insurance is already included. This varies with different rental providers and you will need to check the rental companies terms and conditions for more information

You are able to add insurance into your booking in one of two ways

1. During the motorhome booking process

During the campervan booking process you will be presented with our secure booking page where you are able to add any insurance extras you may require. On this webpage you will see a heading titled "Would you like optional Excess Cover to reduce your liability?". This is where you can choose the type of insurance that is suitable for you.

2. Once your booking has been confirmed

If you have already made your booking and this has been confirmed there will be a link called "Add or edit insurance options". From here you can change or amend your motorhome rental insurance.

Please Note:

There will still be a security bond that you will have to pay. Most of our rental providers include a standard liability insurance in the daily rates of the vehicles with the option to reduce excess and lower the initial bond. This varies with all of our rental providers so ensure you check the terms and conditions carefully. If the campervan is returned without any damage then the bond will be refunded back to you.

3: What will I need to bring with me

We have put together a check list of what you may need to bring with you on your road trip. Please note mobile phone signals are not good in the outback so you may want to purchase a satellite phone as they are gaining ground in the communications race and becoming cheaper, but, you can still expect to pay around the $1000 mark.

If your just sticking to a mobile phone, try and make sure it is a Telstra "blue tick" as coverage for phone calls and internet is vastly superior to non blue-ticked.

  • Your passports
  • Debit and credit cards
  • Your travel insurance documents
  • Your driving license
  • A mobile phone, don't forget the charger
  • Any medication to last you throughout your trip
  • Sunglasses
  • First aid equipment, although the company may provide this
  • Mosquito spray and insect repellant
  • There's really no need for suncream, bottles or shampoos or after sun as this can be purchases relatively cheap in Australia
  • A sun cap/hat
  • A spare jacket
  • Long and short sleeve t-shirts
  • Swimwear
  • Trainers, shoes and flip flops, flip flops are called thongs in Australia
  • Universal adaptor, headphones, laptop or tablet devices
  • A iron (this may also be provided with the rental company)
  • A good camera as you never know what scenery or wildlife you may capture when out on the open road
  • A light backpack if you want to head out for the day

4: Can I drive a campervan into the outback

Most motorhome rental companies have restrictions on where you are allowed to take their vehicles. Often they will even specify certain roads that you simply are not allowed to travel on which are sometimes the places you do not want to miss. If you decide to go to any of the restricted areas it will cost you considerably which is definately what you do not want.

It is very important to know that various these restrictions apply from provider to provider so ensure you check the terms and conditions. You may drive into the outback if you have hired a 4-wheel-drive motorhome. You may also drive on any sealed road when heading into the outback, for off-road driving you will have to check your local state for any permits that me be required and again check with the rental provider.

For a 2-wheel-drive motorhome you cannot head into the outback, so if you are thinking of doing so please ensure that you book a 4-wheel-drive as you could quickly run into trouble in a 2-wheel-drive which is just not worth it.

5: Emergency contact information

Your safety is paramount when travelling around Australia. We have put together some useful emergency contact information should you need to contact anyone in an emergency. Remember if you are travelling to remote areas, Always tell someone where you are going.

Police, Fire and Ambulance Emergencies, All States: 000,
SES assistance in floods and storms, All States: 132 500,
Police attendance, All States: 131 444
Crime stoppers, All States: 1800 333 000

Lost or Stolen Passport Assistance

If you are Australian then you can report your Australian passport lost or stolen online. If you are in Australia, you can also telephone the Australian Passport Information Service on 131 232 to report the loss or theft of your Australian passport.

If you are a british citizen then you can report a lost or stolen passport to any of the following british embassies in Australia. There is a general website should you require further information at: UK Embassy HQ and a UK government high commission website UK High Commission

United Kingdom High Commission in Canberra
Commonwealth Avenue, Yarralumla,
Phone: +61-2-6270-6666

United Kingdom Consulate in Victoria
17th Floor, 90 Collins Street,
Melbourne, Victoria,
Phone: +61-3-9652-1600

United Kingdom Consulate in Queensland
Mrs Megan Hunt, Level 9, 100 Eagle Street,
Brisbane, Queensland,
Phone: +61-7-3223-3200

United Kingdom Consulate in Victoria
17th Floor, 90 Collins Street,
Melbourne, Victoria,
Phone: +61-3-9652-1600

United Kingdom Consulate in Perth
Level 26 "Allendale Square", 77 St Georges Terrace,
Perth, Western Australia,
Phone: +61-8-9224-4700

United Kingdom Consulate in Sydney
Level 16 Gateway Building, 1 Macquarie Place,
Sydney, New South Wales,
Phone: +61-2-9247-7521

United Kingdom Consulate in Darwin
1st Floor, 30 Austin Lane,
Darwin, Northern Territory,
Phone: +617-3223-3200

If you are Chinese then you should report your passport lost or stolen immediately to the Chinese Embassy in Australia, the address is

Chinese Embassy in Australia
15 Coronation Drive, Yarralumla,
Australian Capital Territory,
Phone: 0061-2-6228 3999
Website: China Embassy

If you are Japanese then you should report your lost or stolen passport immediately to the Japanese embassy in Australia

Consulate-General of Japan
Level 17, 12 Creek Street,
Brisbane, Queensland,
Phone: 07 3221 5188
Website: Japanese Consulate

If you are a German citizen and need to report a lost or stolen passport then you can do so are the German embassy in Australia

German Consulate
119 Empire Circuit, Yarralumla,
Australian Capital Territory,
Phone: (02) 6270 1911
Website: German Consulate

If you are United States citizen then you should report your lost or stolen passport immediately to the US embassy in Australia

U.S. Embassy Canberra
Moonah Place, Yarralumla,
Australian Capital Territory,
Phone: (02) 6214-5600
Website: U.S. Embassy Canberra

If we have not listed your country of residence then you can contact the Australian passport office on 131 232 to find out what you will need to do, or, who to contact. Alternatviely you may visit the website on Lost or Stolen Passports

Other useful emergency contact information by state

Australian Capital Territory
For latest fire information,

New South Wales
NSW Bushfire Information Line: 1800 679 737

Northern Territory
Fire Assistance line for non-emergencies: 08 8999 3473

For road conditions and closures telephone 13 19 40 for 24-hour state wide road reports

South Australia
CFS Bushfire information hotline: 1300 362 361

Bushfire Incident Reporting
339 Hobart Rd,
Youngtown, Tasmania,
Phone: (03) 6336 5633


Argyle St,
Hobart, Tasmania,
Phone: 1800 000 699

Victorian bushfire information line: 1800 240 667
Victorian emergency recovery information line: 1300 799 232

Western Australia
Emergency information: 13 DFES or 13 3337

6: Australian weather

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world by size and if you are lucky enough to travel around it, you will notice that the landscapes are extremely varied. The weather is no different with climates varying significantly between each region. That's why it is best to plan ahead so you know what you may need to pack and wear. We have given you a little overview by state below to help get your planning underway.

Queensland Heat

Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland and it prides itself on subtropical weather, enjoying warm temperatures throughout most of the year. Like most parts of Queensland, Brisbane's temperatures sure do soar in summer (up to 45°C) and you find yourself looking for the nearest air-conditioned shopping centre or pool.

In Queensland, winter is surprisingly known as the drier time of year with less rain than summer and beautiful clear, blue skies. It's a great time to travel and experience the sunshine state's gorgeous days. Another top tourist destination in Queensland is the Gold Coast in the state's far South. The weather is amazing on the Gold Coast with the city seeing around 300 days of sunshine each year. Being on the Gold Coast doesn't get quite as hot as Brisbane in the summer.

If you're heading to the tropical parts of Northern Queensland, you might like to plan your visit between April and October. That way you can really enjoy swimming at the stunning beaches and waterways as the water is still warm enough without being too hot and summer also attracts deadly jellyfish. Average annual temperatures in the north are between 24°C-32°C in summer and 17°C-26°C in winter.

New South Wales Temperatures

For the state's capital city (and one of the most popular destinations in Australia), Sydney, you will discover hot summers - perfect for lounging on Bondi Beach or grabbing a board and learning to surf. You'll be happy to know the beaches are still great in winter, with temperatures around 23°C during the day. There's also less crowds which is a plus.

Whether you're visiting in winter or summer, sunscreen will be your best friend as Australia gets very high UV rays. All along the New South Wales coast, you can uncover charming seaside towns and great climates all year round. Towns in the western parts of New South Wales get less rainfall than the coastline towns but it's best to pack a warm jacket as the nights can get chilly. Snow is not really something you associate with Australia however, you can experience this in the New South Wales alpine region – the Snowy Mountains. Snow resorts like Perisher and Thredbo attract eager snow-lovers in Winter where temperatures fall to between -4°C and 7°C.

Temperatures in Victoria

Melbourne is known to have "four seasons in one day" and while you may not necessarily get that exactly, what you do get is unpredictability. You might be in a t-shirt and shorts one minute and then need to switch to long pants and a winter coat the next. Generally, the humidity, isn't as high in Melbourne as it is in its sister cities, Sydney and Brisbane. Whatever the weather is doing in Melbourne, you will find activities that suit whether it's sipping hot chocolates in one of the cosy laneways or jumping aboard a double decker bus and riding on the top exploring the city's attractions.

In December to February, the temperature averages 14°C-25°C. Winter on the other hand (June to August), drops to temperatures between 6°C -14°C. Victoria is also home to its own snow resorts so you'll have plenty of things to do depending on what sort of traveller you are. If stunning coastlines are more your thing, then the drive along Victoria's breathtaking Great Ocean Road will leave you stunned and taking a thousand photos. January and February tend to be the state's driest months, while October is typically the wettest.

South Australia weather

Known for its wine country, South Australia has a Mediterranean-like climate. You get dry, hot summers and mild winters. If you're visiting the famous Australian outback in the northern parts of South Australia, then definitely pack the sunscreen plus a jumper. The outback typically gets scorching hot days and cold nights once the sun goes down. Adelaide's average temperature in summer is 29°C and about 16°C in winter.

Spring is an excellent time to visit as temperatures are beautiful, as are the flowers and wildlife. The wettest times of the year in South Australia are between June and August.

The weather in Western Australia

Western Australia is a sunny state with gorgeous Mediterranean climate in the southern parts, tropical weather in the north and a desert climate in the east. The desert areas see temperatures sit around 15°C in winter and peak around 37°C in summer. The capital of Western Australia, Perth, gets plenty of sun year-round so it's no surprise it's a great destination for outdoor activities and drinks in the sun.

South of Perth is the popular wine region, Margaret River which receives refreshing sea breezes. You'll love tasting your way through vineyards or bushwalking in this diverse part of Western Australia.

Northern Territory Heat

In the Northern Territory, you'll experience two different climates – the hot tropics and the semi-arid desert. The region around Darwin at the top of the state is very tropical and this is why it's great to plan ahead as visiting outside the "dry" season could mean you may get nothing but rains and storms.

Interestingly enough, summer is the wet season, and this stretches between November and April. Humidity is very high (around 80%) at this time and temperatures average between 25°C and 34°C. While it may be wet, the rain does bring lushness to the region and it can be a great time to see waterfalls at their best as well as storm light shows in the sky.

The other large part of Northern Territory, the semi-arid desert, makes up a lot of the outback and includes popular icons such as Uluru. You can get massive contrasts in weather in the desert from sweltering 40°C days to icy winter nights below 0°C. Whatever months you are visiting Northern Territory, be prepared and check ahead so that you make the most of your experience and love every minute of it.

Tasmania the coldest state

The coldest of the states in Australia is Tasmania, in the very far south. On average, winter's daily temperatures are between 3°C-11°C. Tasmania has some of the best climate in Australia for wine and produce growing so it’s definitely a foodie lover's dream. December to March are typically the warmest months and temperatures sit between 17°C and 23°C. Even in summer, we recommend having a warm and waterproof jacket on standby as the weather can change quite quickly, particularly if you are in the beautiful national parks.

Tasmania's capital city, Hobart, is actually the second driest capital city in Australia (after Adelaide) so it makes for a great sightseeing destination. Be prepared for the Antarctic breeze – sit by a fireplace and enjoy a nice bottle of red and fantastic local produce.

7: Campgrounds and cost estimates


Overnight parking on roadsides and other public land is illegal in Cairns and carries fines of up to $243. It is therefore important to find a good camping ground or caravan park.

Cairns Holiday Park

3 kilometres from the Cairns city centre is the Cairns Holiday Park. It features both powered and non-powered sites as well as a camp kitchen, laundry and free Wi-Fi. Perfect for campervans, the park also has a pool and budget backpacker accommodation. Unpowered sites start from $29 per night and powered sites from $35 per night. Visit Cairns Holiday Park for further information.

Bramston Beach Camping Ground

Located approximately one hour south of Cairns, Bramston Beach Campground has both powered and unpowered sights plus barbecue facilities. Bramston Beach is a beautiful, quiet little town with a spectacular long beach. The campgrounds are located right next to the beach so it is a perfect place to relax. Sites are available at both weekly and nightly rates. Unpowered sites start from $21 per night or $126 per week and unpowered sites start from $25 per night or $144 per week.

The caretaker can be contacted on 07 4067 4121 for more information.


The council offer two free, RV friendly campgrounds at Babinda. Babinda is approximately 45 minutes south of Cairns on the main route heading south. The sites at both parks, The Boulders and the Babinda Rotary Park, are unpowered. These sites have a strict policy with a maximum stay of three nights. No bookings are required.

Palm Cove Holiday Park

Located about 30 minutes north of Cairns is the beautiful Palm Cove. Palm Cove is a fantastic destination frequented by holiday makers, wedding parties and honeymooners alike. Palm Cove has a renowned restaurant and shopping strip. Right in the heart of it and directly adjacent to the beach is the Palm Cove Holiday Park. The park has both powered and unpowered camping and caravan sites and is also equipped with a camp kitchen, free Wi-Fi, BBQs and an amenities block. Unpowered sites start from $29 per night and powered sites start from $36 per night. See Palm Cove Holiday Park.

Mission Beach (Paronella Park Accommodation)

Mission Beach is approximately half way between Cairns and Townsville. It is an unspoilt tropical paradise of World Heritage rainforest fronting onto 14 kilometres of beautiful beach. It is an ideal place for campervans to visit. It has amazing fishing and is one of the closest mainland access points to the Great Barrier Reef. There are multiple campervan options in Mission Beach including two council run campgrounds and 5 caravan parks. There is no free camping available in mission beach. Prices start at approximately $20 per night for unpowered sites. You can make a booking at Mission Beach Tourism.

Airlie Beach

Seabreeze Tourist Park

Just metres from the beach, Seabreeze Tourist Park is a great holiday point in Airlie Beach and a great hub for your Whitsundays adventure. This tourist park offers unpowered sites starting from $21 and powered sites from $34. The park is conveniently located just at the entry to the main centre streets and has a refreshing tropical feel. Here you'll find a camp kitchen with all the cooking facilities you'll need, a laundry, dump point, swimming pool, secure storage, as well as an amenities block. See Seabreeze Tourist Park Airlie Beach for further details.


Kangaroo Country Caravan Park

This friendly caravan park has some welcoming hosts to greet you – the fantastic birds in the park's aviary. That's right, this is the place to stop and meet Australia's cheeky cockatoo and other stunning birdlife. Non-powered camp sites can be booked from $25 per night or upgrade to a powered site from $30. The reception building has some groceries and supplies for sale if needed and the site has a great undercover BBQ area, small camp kitchen, a laundry and two amenity blocks. Come stay at one of Queensland's best bush land camp grounds. You can book online at Kangaroo Country Caravan Park.


Elliott Heads Holiday Park

Just out of the town's centre, Elliott Heads Holiday Park provides a comfortable stop right on the beachfront. With BBQ areas, a laundry and lovely recreational areas, you can stay here from $31 a night. This holiday park is known for its snorkelling opportunities so make sure to find time in your day to give it a try in the beautiful nearby waters. See Elliott Heads Holiday Park for booking enquiries.

Sunshine Coast

Boreen Point Campground – Lakefront

For the perfect getaway, visit Noosa and stop at this campground where hiring kayaks for a day on the water is all part of the charm. This well-equipped camp site is situated on Lake Cootharaba, Noosa's biggest lake. Here, you can throw a line into the river and try your luck at fishing. With the campground's use of bore water, please come with your own drinking water. There's a half-size basketball court for kids (and big kids) as well as a BMX zone. There's even an iPhone and iPad charging station for your gadgets. Book at Noosa Holiday Parks.

Mooloolaba Beach Holiday Park

Right on Mooloolaba beach and close to great local hotspots, Mooloolaba Beach Holiday Park is a quality campground choice when you're passing through the Sunshine Coast. The seaside destination has a great range of dining and tourist activities so there's plenty to see and do here. All sites have access to power and water and you can stay from $46. Spend a day or a week here and you won't regret it. With amazing views and a vibrant tourist centre, you'll love Mooloolaba and will want to return in a heartbeat, for further details visit Sunshine Coast Holiday Parks.

Moreton Bay

Bribie Island Caravan Park

You've got the option of camping sites for your campervan or cabins if you're looking to change it up for a night at the Bribie Island Caravan Park. Rates start from $36 overnight and the park has quality facilities from a camp kitchen with a range of appliances, dump points, Wi-Fi, swimming pool, half-size sports court, mini golf, a games room plus a TV room – all the entertainment you need.

What's great about Bribie Island in Moreton Bay is that you can actually drive to it as it's accessible by bridge from the mainland. Beautiful beaches and a relaxing holiday is what Bribie Island is known for so make it a stopover point when you are near Brisbane. To book a spot visit Bribie Island Caravan Parks website.

The Gold Coast

Broadwater Tourist Park

Only 5 kilometres from world-renowned Surfers Paradise is the fantastic Broadwater Tourist Park. Located right on the beautiful Gold Coast broadwater, this fantastic tourist park offers a wide variety of options. From powered and unpowered sites, perfect for campervans through to cabin facilities, this park really does have it all. A favourite for families and couples alike, this park always books out over the holidays so make sure you book in advance.

The Broadwater Tourist Park is located within easy reach of all of the Gold Coast's famous theme parks and has a private boat ramp access to the waterway. The park also features two pools, a tennis court, BBQ areas, camp kitchen, playgrounds, regularly serviced amenities and a recreation room. The Broadwater Tourist Park has a huge range of site options and prices depend on season and availability. See their website for more details at Broadwater Tourist Park.

Tallebudgera Creek Tourist Park

Another favourite among families, caravan enthusiasts and campervanners is the Tallebudgera Creek Tourist Park. Ten minutes from the Gold Coast Airport and located on the magical Tallebudgera Creek, this park boasts some fantastic sites and facilities. The park has many waterfront and beachfront sites and a swimming enclosure as well. The area is known for its fishing among many other water activities. Just around the corner is the world-famous surf break of Burleigh Heads.

The creek is a beloved spot of locals and tourists alike and is often booked out. There are a huge range of sites to suit all comers. Bookings can be made online or via phone at Gold Coast Tourist Parks.

Northern New South Wales

Located south of the famous Gold Coast is a beautiful and often overlooked part of Australia. The far north coast of New South Wales features stunning beaches, a relaxed country atmosphere and uncrowded beaches.

Kingscliffe North Holiday Park

Located just south of Tweed Heads and about 40 minutes south of Surfers Paradise is the town of Kingscliffe. One of the best spots you could find for a beachside holiday, this park has less than 50 sites ensuring you have an amazingly quiet and relaxed stay. Located directly on the beach and less than 2km from the town centre, the park offers a range of sites including powered sites, ensuite sites, Surfari tents and villas. Prices start from $40 per night at Kingscliffe North Holiday Park.

First Sun Holiday Park – Byron Bay

Want absolute beachfront? Look no further than First Sun Holiday Park, right in the heart of one of Australia's most famous tourist destinations, Byron Bay. Probably the backpacker and campervan hub of Australia, Byron Bay is a vibrant and ever changing town. Host of the successful Splendour in the Grass festival as well as the Falls Festival, Byron Bay is also a surfing and scuba diving mecca.

The First Sun Holiday Park is located right on the beach and only a short stroll to the town centre and entertainment hotspots of Byron. The park offers world class views of Cape Byron (Australia's most easterly mainland point) as well as The Wreck and Mount Warning. The park offers a huge range of options from self-contained cabins to powered and unpowered sites and shaded tent sites at

Flat Rock Tent Park

Located between the famous surf break Lennox Heads and the major regional centre of Ballina is a hidden gem. The Flat Rock Tent park is off the beaten track, right on the beach and totally secluded. With fantastic facilities, this park offers both powered and unpowered sites. The park allows controlled fires (braziers available for hire) and has regularly serviced amenities, BBQs and a camp kitchen. Be sure to make the quick drive to Lennox for a great pie at the local bakery or for a beer and a meal at the local pub which has one of the best views in the country.

If you are looking for a quiet, relaxed place to pitch a tent or pull up your campervan, look no further, see Flat Rock campings website.


Yamba and the surrounding areas of Illuka and Angourie are the perfect destination for visitors of all kinds. Whether you love fishing, surfing or just relaxing, this area has something for everyone. World class surf breaks, amazing surf, estuary fishing, national parks, as well as vibrant local towns, is what you'll discover

Blue Dolphin Holiday Resort

With 300 metres of superb riverfront, the Blue Dolphin Holiday Resort has all that you could want. The resort offers accommodation to suit every budget from 2 bedroom spa villas on the waterfront to unpowered grass sites. The resort caters for caravans and campervans and boasts its own private boat ramp. Unpowered sites start from $35 per night at Blue Dolphin.

Coffs Harbour

Park Beach Holiday Park

The Coffs Harbour area is a diverse and beautiful destination. Perfect for relaxing on numerous beaches, diving, sailing and fishing, Coffs is also the home to The Big Banana - one of Australia's famous oversized attractions. The Coffs Harbour area is also home to many world class surf breaks such as Arrawarra, North Wall, Sawtell and Trapdoors.

Park Beach Holiday Park was the winner of Best Holiday Park in NSW for 2016. Located right on Coffs Harbour's most popular swimming and surfing beach, the park caters for all sorts of visitors. The park has fantastic facilities and prices start from $36 per night for an unpowered site, you can book online at Coastal Holiday Parks.

Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie Breakwall Holiday Park

The sleepy, chilled out town of Port Macquarie on the New South Wales mid-north coast, offers a campervan dream. Learn to surf at one of the best surfing spots on the coast or simply soak up the sun on the many beaches that make up Port Macquarie. The Port Macquarie Breakwall Holiday Park has been set up to make the absolute most of the stunning beaches as it's laid out right on the water's edge. You can't beat the park's free WIFI and it's also got your usual camping facilities. Sites start from $28 and you may be able to snag a great deal if you stay for several nights at Port Macquarie Breakwall Holiday Park.


The Village Campground

Home to the famous Bathurst 1000 car racing event, Bathurst is a town west of Sydney that has a population of around 43,000 people. Stay at The Village Campground from $8 per person, per night and keep in mind that this campground doesn't take bookings and is open as a first-come-first-served basis. There's a general store close by and the grounds are fitted with a laundry, an amenities block, as well as picnic and barbeque facilities. Bathurst is surrounded by heritage sites which can be conveniently visited when staying at The Village Campground. See: National Parks.

Coledale Beach

Coledale Beach Camping Reserve

For a campground not too far out of Sydney, this one is a smart choice. It's only about an hour south of the city and has all your needed facilities to make your stay comfortable. Perfectly located just near the beach, this is the getaway destination you'll love and wish you'd done sooner.

Enjoy powered sites from $30 per night or unpowered sites from $25. Being so close to Sydney, you may want to book in advance to ensure availability. Visit: Coledale beach camping for more details.


Wollongong Surf Leisure Resort

Kick back and breathe in the fresh air at the Wollongong Surf Leisure Resort which has several campervan site options in addition to bungalow and cabin accommodation. They provide large grassy sites at $25 for no power or $37 if you require power, based on two people. It's close to the beach, has immaculate holiday facilities and an array of beach activities for you to enjoy. Explore more of Wollongong with the resort's bicycle hire or simply enjoy your time at the resort and have a dip in the large pool or a hit on the tennis court.

If you're coming here from Sydney, your trip will take about an hour and a half. Visit the website at: Wollongong Surf Leisure Resort.


Goulburn South Caravan Park

From $28, stay among the beautiful trees of Goulburn's best powered and unpowered camping spot. Home of the Big Merino, Goulburn has the heart and soul that you hope to find in regional Australia. While the sites are unpowered, there is access to amenities with showers and toilets as well as a coin operated laundromat. They've even got free Wi-Fi and the kids can run around on the onsite playground. This campground is situated within walking distance to town. See the website at: Goulburn South Caravan Park.


Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC)

Discover one of Canberra's largest camping grounds. You can book an unpowered site from $28 or a powered campsite from $33, perfect for campervans. Exhibition Park in Canberra is a showground for many events throughout the year so it can be a really convenient and fun spot to enjoy some of Canberra's cultural delights. The campground is pet friendly with full amenities for you to use. You'll have access to water as well as dump points.

Given that the campground is set in a quiet part of the Exhibition Park, please be sure to check the website or call ahead to make sure camping is available as this section can close at times throughout the year for select major events. For more information see: Canberra Exhibition Park.



Secura Lifestyle Borderland BIG4 Wodonga

Wodonga is about 3 hours out of Melbourne, Victoria. This camping site, located in the town, is in the heart of rich country, wineries and stunning lakes. With sites from $10 per person, per night, this well established and high quality campground offers all the required facilities as well as a big selection of games and activities. The large camp kitchen is perfect for any of your cooking needs and some of the other facilities include a lending library, dump point, clothes line, barbeques, gas bottle refills, washing machine, dryer and a convenience store. See: The Big4 Wodonga


Lake Eppalock Holiday Park

For a friendly and welcoming stay, you can't go past Lake Eppalock Holiday Park in Bendigo. The layout of this caravan park is easy and family-friendly and you can access sites from $30 for off-peak times or $30 during peak season. Sit by a fire and enjoy the gorgeous lake views or if you happen to visit in Summer, the open air cinema may even have a movie on for something a little bit different. In recent years, the park has been upgraded further and has built a swimming pool too. The website is: Lake Eppalock Holiday Park


Eureka Stockade Holiday Park

Just as the name suggests, this holiday park gives you a taste of Australian heritage and is situated next to the Eureka Stockade memorial, a dedication to miners and soldiers. This park is the closest in proximity to Ballarat's centre, only 2km out of the CBD. Some of the other great tourist spots around town, which you can visit from here, include Ballarat Wildlife Park, Kryal Castle and Mount Xavier Golf Course.

From $34 a night, stay in an unpowered site or upgrade to a powered site with its own ensuite from $40. This is a very well-maintained campground with great facilities such as free to use BBQs, laundry, amenities, as well as a brand new camp kitchen and games room. Next door is Ballarat's largest heated pool and guests staying at the Eureka Stockade Holiday Park receive free entry when the pool is open from November to April. You'll love the great value for money at this park so be sure to make Ballarat a spot to visit on your list.


Melbourne BIG4 Holiday Park

Just 9kms out of the main city, Melbourne BIG4 Holiday Park is your best choice for camping. For campervans, powered sites are the way to go or you can choose to stay in an unpowered site if you prefer. The holiday park has a modern camp kitchen as well as a barbeque area, large amenity block, tour desk and guest services, plus a games room. All the facilities you'd need for your campervan adventure are here. There's even a large screen movie room when you want to enjoy some indoor fun. You can book over at: The Big4 Melbourne.

South Australia


Brighton Caravan Park

When visiting South Australia's capital, we suggest staying at Brighton Caravan Park. While it's not in the city centre, and is about 30 minutes out, you'll love the seaside location. Set right on the water's edge, this campground is packed with a variety of premium sites as well as state of the art camping facilities. Hire a kayak, or explore the beautiful walking trails nearby. Make the most of your trip to South Australia and enjoy the relaxing way of life here at Brighton Caravan Park. See: Brighton Caravan Park.


Barossa Tourist Park

What could be better than visiting world class wineries? Staying right in the heart of them! Barossa Tourist Park is your gateway to Australia's premium wine region – the home to winemakers like Jacob's Creek, Penfolds, Yalumba, and Bethany Wines. The Barossa Valley is a must visit region in South Australia and we recommend you spend a good few days here exploring and experiencing all the regional wines and flavours.

Stay from $35 a night in a lovely, shaded powered site or stay in an unpowered site from $30. After a busy day at the vineyards, unwind by a camp fire in the evening and enjoy the company of other travellers. When staying here, you'll get access to free wireless internet and the whole park's facilities are top notch! Book here: Barossa Tourist Park.

Coober Pedy

Riba's Underground Camping & Caravan Park

For a completely unique experience, visit Coober Pedy in the centre of South Australia. With its outer space like landscapes, Coober Pedy is like no other town in Australia. What's more, you can even stay underground at Riba's Underground Camping & Caravan Park! For a once in a lifetime experience, you can sleep underground with tent camping or above ground if you're in a campervan or caravan.

Underground camping starts from just $15 a night, and you even have access to free Wi-Fi in the underground TV room. Add an evening opal mine tour to your booking and discover what Coober Pedy is all about. For bookings visit the website: Camp Underground.

Northern Territory

Alice Springs

G'Day Mate Tourist Park

Is there a more Aussie campground than this? G'Day Mate Tourist Park in Alice Springs is your place to uncover the centre of Australia. The picturesque MacDonnell Ranges are just a short drive from here. The park itself is a couple of minutes from supermarkets, restaurants and cafes in Alice Springs. Powered sites are available from $36 and are situated under beautiful trees in the tourist park. If you'd prefer your own private bathroom, book a powered site with an ensuite from $45. G'Day Mate Tourist Park is a beautiful, well-kept campervan destination. You'll enjoy your stay, see: G'Day Mate Tourist Park.

Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock Campground

If there's one iconic Australian landmark you must see, it's got to be Uluru, or Ayers Rock as it is also known. This welcoming campground is located on your drive to the great majestic rock. There's nearly 200 powered camp sites on offer, from $45, and there's over 200 non-powered sites from $39. All sites are spacious and easy. Swim in the large onsite pool or play a game of outback volleyball. Make your bookings right here: Ayers Rock Resort.

Western Australia


Discovery Parks BIG4 Perth Vineyards

Western Australia is one of the most naturally beautiful and rugged places in the world. From fierce coastline to spectacular desert and landmarks, the diversity and often remoteness of Western Australia is unrivalled. There is a huge range of campervan and camping options, many of which are free. Perth is the state's capital city and we've got a great campervan stop for you.

Situated in the foothills of Perth and smack bang in the middle of the famous Swan Valley wine region is the Discovery Parks BIG4 Perth Vineyards. The park has a huge range of options to suit any variety of traveller from unpowered sites to deluxe cabins. The park has excellent facilities and is close by to a host of award-winning wineries. Powered sites for campervans start from approximately $35 per night at: The Big4 Perth Vineyards.

Margaret River

Margaret River Tourist Park

Margaret River has something for everyone and is one of the most beautiful places to camp in Australia. Margaret River is home to world class surfing breaks, spectacular countryside and renowned wineries, and once you visit you may never want to leave! Margaret River Tourist Park is centrally situated in Margaret River and has a range of accommodation options. Our pick for campervans are the powered sites which start from $36 per night right here: Margaret River Tourist Park.


BIG4 Plantation Caravan Park

Located approximately 900km north of Perth on the coastline is Carnarvon. Carnarvon is a unique place where a tropical paradise meets the unforgiving desert that covers much of Western Australia. Carnarvon is known for its warm climate, tropical fruits and amazing seafood. The BIG4 Plantation Caravan Park is located on the outskirts of Carnarvon, surrounded by mango plantations. Here you'll have access to a variety of accommodation styles with powered sites starting from roughly $35 per night over here: The Big4 Coral Coast.

Port Headland

Discovery Parks BIG4 Port Headland

Commonly known as a mining town, Port Headland is transforming into much more. Port Headland is the gateway to the Pilbara and a must-see place on your trip north from Perth. The BIG4 park in Port Headland offers a range of options for campervans. Small sites with access to power and water perfect for campervans start from $84 for two nights. Book today over at: The Big4 Western Australia.

8: Festivals and Events

Attending events is one of the best ways to learn about the culture of a place and discover more about what makes that town or region special. Events bring people together to share unique experiences from things like food, art, sport or music.

We've put together a list of events to add to your calendar when you're making your trip around Australia and the month's they fall in to help you plan your campervan adventure. There's so many events all year round; here's some of the most loved ones. Be sure to do a quick Google search for exact dates before you plan to attend any of these events and get more detailed information on ticketing and programs.


Tamworth Country Music Festival - New South Wales

One of the country's biggest and best regional music festivals comes to Tamworth in New South Wales each year. Tamworth is a great town for your next campervan spot and if you happen to be nearby in January, be sure to mark this event in your calendar. For an event that ties in perfectly with your campervan trip, you can't beat this festival as it's a non-gated event, so entry is completely free. Like all good country music festivals, there's a great relaxed vibe and you can dress comfortably while taking in the sounds of some of Australia's best musicians.

Get into the free shows each night over the 10-day festival and get to know some of the friendly Tamworth locals. There's a range of shows and performances from over 18 events to family-friendly, under 18s welcome shows. If you're with the kids – there's a Family Zone to keep them entertained and busy all day long. A great tip is to bring your camping chair or picnic rug to best enjoy the music in the park.

Sydney Hobart Yacht Race – New South Wales and Tasmania

Both Sydney and Hobart host their own celebrations in their respective race villages so whether you're in Tasmania or New South Wales, you can join the festivities. Crew from over 20 nations compete in this magnificent event over a course that stretches along 628 nautical miles.

The Sydney Hobart Yacht Race is known as one of the most challenging courses in the world so the international significance of this race creates a buzz that the whole country gets excited about. The yachts kick off from Sydney Harbour on Boxing Day in December, so if you're in Sydney, be sure to get in the heart of all the excitement as there'll be helicopters circling the skies, media crews and thousands of spectators. The finish of the race (in January), when the boats are welcomed into beautiful Hobart, also coincides with the Taste of Tasmania Festival so Hobart truly comes alive at this time.

Taste of Tasmania Festival - Tasmania

Hobart hosts the very popular event in January and whether you're travelling with kids, alone or as a couple, it's a great event for everyone. There's plenty of indoor or outdoor seating depending on what you prefer and the selection of food and wines on offer to try is incredible. Tasmania is known for its produce and fine food so it's no wonder this is a highlight among a lot of tourists calendars.

Sydney Festival - New South Wales

Sydney also plays host to the Sydney Festival in January which turns the city into a colourful spray of music, dance, opera, arts and theatre. Running throughout most of the month, this event is a display of high quality culture and the tickets to performances are usually quite affordable, and in some cases free, which is a huge plus.

The paid ticketed shows are typically between $20-30, depending on the type of performance, and the festival even attracts international headline acts. The festival has been running and flourishing more each year since 1977. This festival is a great way to enjoy your time in Sydney and it's best to download a copy of the program to plan a day or two of shows and events so that you really make the most of it.


White Night Melbourne – Victoria

The streets of Melbourne are scattered with buskers and entertainers during this event where the city is transformed into a light extravaganza. This is a way to see Melbourne differently. If you plan to go through Melbourne on your campervan trip, it's well worth coming here in February when the event is on. We recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes as there's so much to discover along the stretching Melbourne streets.

You can get cheap eats from food trucks but do expect some queuing as it's a hugely popular public event so there can be big crowds. You can either find more information on what's on from leaflets spread around the city where the attractions are to take place or by jumping online. You can also feel safe enjoying a late night as most of the fun continues through to midnight and a bit longer. White Night is also a great opportunity to capture some great photos to take home with you of beautifully lit Melbourne.

Surfest – New South Wales

Seaside town, Newcastle, hosts the Surfest each year and has been doing so for over 30 years. It's the largest event of its kind in the southern hemisphere and it's a great way to check out some of the world's biggest surf names in action. Be sure to tick "learn-to-surf" off your Australian holiday bucket list and get along to the many surfing lessons available in Newcastle while you're there.

Tropfest - New South Wales

Tropfest is known as one of Australia's most iconic cultural festivals and has been running since 1993. Tropfest is a short film festival with a twist. The films included in the festival must be made specifically for the festival and must all include a certain item which changes every year. For example, 2017's Tropfest Signature Item was a pineapple.

Tropfest attracts more than 70,000 people to the main event every year making it one of Australia's biggest film festivals. The festival has helped launch some of the country's successful TV and film careers with names like Joel Edgerton, Toni Collette and Sam Worthington all part of the Tropfest alumni. This is a one-day event with other related events held in the days leading up to it. Generally held in February, the event has just moved to a new home in the picturesque Parramatta Park.


Formula 1 Grand Prix – Victoria

For some pedal to the metal action, get tickets to the Formula 1 Grand Prix and feel your heart-rate pumping! This isn't the cheapest event to attend however, since you're saving money on accommodation by hiring a campervan, you may find room in the splurge account. Even with a general admission ticket, the noise and sounds of the cars alone create an electric atmosphere. If you're with people who aren't motor sport enthusiasts, they'll enjoy the off-track entertainment, and there's plenty of it!

The Grand Prix is easy to get to via Melbourne's efficient tram system. Don't forget your sunscreen and hat as the weather over this race is usually very hot and sunny, in true Aussie style. If going to the race is not quite your thing, look out for the RAAF Air Show which can be seen not just on track but from local streets – that's an exciting event in itself!

Moomba Festival – Victoria

Because we know how much you love a good free event, we've added Melbourne's Moomba Festival to the list. This free, community event has held its home in Melbourne for over 60 years so it's a tradition you need to see for yourself. The Moomba Festival also happens to be the country's largest! You'll see all the fun along the famous Yarra River plus the Alexandra Gardens with highlights including captivating performances, wild water sport displays and even BMX competitions.

This one isn't just your usual cultural event. If you've been driving long distances, this one's a good one to stretch your legs at and release your inner kid at the many different carnival games and rides. It all ends spectacularly with a fireworks showcase that lights up the city night sky.

Canberra Balloon Spectacular – Australian Capital Territory

For a really magical experience, make your way to Canberra in March for the Canberra Balloon Spectacular. Nearly 30 balloons brighten the sky and the photo opportunities of the Australian capital's top landmarks with this backdrop are priceless. If you're not really a morning person, you'll definitely change your tune for this event. The balloons ascend from around 6.30am and there's cheap breakfast available to purchase from the local Lions Club who are involved with the event. You can also do a stroll around Lake Burley Griffin and see the colourful balloons reflecting on the water.

It's also handy to know that Canberra's weather is often quite chilly and particularly in the morning you'll want to pack a jumper or two if you're planning to walk around to get the best views.


Sydney Royal Easter Show - New South Wales

Running for two weeks over the Easter period, the Sydney Royal Easter Show is an iconic Aussie event. Over 700,000 people attend this event over the course of the few days. Be sure to stay for the fireworks which are on every single night. Tickets for adults are under $40 and it's not hard to spend a whole day at the show. Stroll through the agriculture hall and enjoy the many free taste testers of all sorts of produce. Make sure you grab a map at the entrance as there is a huge amount to see and do so you'll want to pick your favourite spots... and also not get lost.

The grounds have great facilities with plenty of amenities and ATMs. If you pre-book your tickets, your public transport to and from the show is normally free so this is also a great way to keep your wallet happy. Comfortable shoes are highly recommended as you'll do plenty of walking and discovering amongst all the exhibitors on show.

The Sydney Royal Easter Show is also a great way to experience Australia's country lifestyle without even leaving the city as you can taste your way through regional flavours and see all the outback highlights like sheep shearing and other farming traditions.

Tjungu Festival - Northern Territory

You can't come to Australia and not experience traditional cultures of the Australian Indigineous people. You also have to see Uluru and the red-earthed centre of Australia. The annual Tjungu festival allows you to do and see both as this event is a celebration of Indigenous culture set in the magical Ayers Rock Resort. With fantastic campground facilities, Ayers Rock Resort is a destination you've got to add to the list. Learn about bush food and Indigenous song and dance at this interactive festival.


Noosa Food and Wine - Queensland

Noosa is the perfect campervan holiday destination as it has the charm of a small seaside town but with lots to see and do. Set right along the picturesque beach, Noosa Food and Wine is something from a postcard! This is one of Queensland's signature events and it is the perfect way to taste your way through Australia's culinary delights. The gorgeous teepees along the beach have become iconic and there's definitely a "world away" aura about the event. It's not just for foodies either. You can revitalise through activities like yoga on the beach and golf.

Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival – Queensland

For a fantastic, free event over several days, visit the Gold Coast for the Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival. The festival has been running since 2002 and has become a favourite among locals and tourists alike. Even though it's a free event, you'll still get to see great name acts from around the country and overseas and the surroundings of Broadbeach are beautiful. There's plenty of restaurants in this precinct to choose from as well as cafes for easy-eats.

If you do plan to dine out at one of the restaurants, we recommend booking in advance. Most of the hotels in the area book out too during this four-day event so hiring a campervan and staying by the beach is the perfect way to experience it!


Hunter Valley Wine and Food Month - New South Wales

The Hunter Valley prides itself on being one of the best wine regions in Australia and in the month of June the region turns it on with a month-long festival. Not only is it a great campervan spot but the premium wine country will delight the senses with amazing wines and gourmet offerings. Within the month-long celebration, you can choose from various events whether you're a cheese lover, a wine connoisseur or more of a hands-on visitor who wants to enjoy a cooking class set amongst the radiant vineyards. Jump on a small bus tour of boutique wineries or drive around yourself as the roads are scenic and easy to follow.

Winter Magic Festival - New South Wales

Nothing beats free and while you're exploring the New South Wales countryside in June, make a stop in Katoomba for the free-to-attend, community festival. This event has captured the hearts of visitors to the town for over two decades. Katoomba is set in the picturesque Blue Mountains and the main street is closed off for the Winter Magic Festival and turns into one big performance space for buskers, dancers and artists. There's markets and people love the opportunity to dress up so don't be surprised to see most visitors dressed in elaborate costumes. For a historic ride, jump on board a steam train at the festival too. Katoomba is under two hours away from Sydney so it's the perfect spot for a gorgeous drive.


Cairns Indigenous Art Fair - Northern Queensland

Cairns is a highly-recommended spot on your campervan drive around Queensland and Australia, depending on how long you're here for. July is the month for the popular Cairns Indigenous Art Fair. For an authentic Australian experience, this is a great event to see Aboriginal culture and entertainment and a lot of the events are run at no cost to visitors. This showcase of art from Far North Queensland and Torres Strait Islander people is not to be missed. For any of the free events, you're also allowed to bring your own food so you don't have to worry about blowing the bank. Over the few days that the event is run, around 50,000 people attend to support and view the art so it's a busy and buzzing atmosphere that comes to Cairns.

Camel Cup – Northern Territory

For a one-of-a-kind event, pop into Alice Springs for the annual Camel Cup where a $20 ticket gets you a fun day of unique racing and country fun. We've all seen horse racing, but have you see camel racing? See the outback's main racing event as these full of character animals steal the limelight. There's plenty of off-track action all throughout the day between the nine races. This quirky event in the Northern Territory will be one you go home telling all your friends about. Put on your Akubra and boots and hit the dusty outback earth for the Camel Cup.


Royal Queensland Show (EKKA) - Queensland

Thousands of people flock to the EKKA each year, one of the most loved events in Queensland. This is a showcase of modern and heritage agriculture and farm life plus an all-ages fun day out with rides, games, show bags and stage entertainment. This is one of Brisbane's largest events and animals of all shapes and sizes are brought here so it's a great country day in the city.

Your entry ticket includes all the shows and exhibitions and itvs things like the carnival rides and food that you'll need some cash for. Be prepared for large crowds when you're making your way to the event, so it's best to allow plenty of time to get there and back and for enjoying the show. Don't forget to buy a dagwood dog – it's become somewhat of a legendary food that you just have to get at the EKKA.

Melbourne International Film Festival – Victoria

The annual Melbourne International Film Festival is a stellar event on the Australian calendar and has played a big part in shaping Australian film culture since 1952. The festival runs for about two weeks each August and includes feature films from both Australia and overseas, documentaries plus short films. Each screening is at various locations and theatres around the city so the whole of Melbourne gets involved in this major event.

You can choose to unwind and watch a movie premiere or make a night of it by getting dressed up and hitting the town for some dinner and drinks beforehand. You have the option of buying single admission screenings or buying a festival mini pass to see multiple sessions at a cheaper price. This can be a great way to experience the festival in full swing if you plan on staying in Melbourne for longer than just a couple of days.


Floriade – Australian Capital Territory

One of the most extravagant flower shows comes to Canberra, the nation's capital city, from September through to October. A lot of people come for the extensive, gorgeous tulip displays however there's so many different flower varieties showcased at this event. This event is a great change from other scenery you will see in Australia and it's an annual event that continues to blow guests away. Pack your sunscreen and a hat for this one as it's normally beautiful sunny, spring weather.

Typically, visitors spend around 2-4 hours at the event and Floriade has different food stalls available to purchase delicious snacks and light food. Entry is free, so the event is a must! Over some of the weekends during Floriade, you can also experience the festival by night with the introduction of their NightFest program. This is an after-dark, illuminated wonderland created amongst the parkland so do stick around for this ticketed, unique addition.

Swell Sculpture Festival - Queensland

Started on one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia, the Swell Sculpture Festival brings distinctive art to Currumbin Beach in September. Unlike regular sculpture showcases in museums, Swell takes giant pieces of art and showcases them proudly on the beach. Most of the sculptures are around 2-3m high so they create the best photo opportunities.

If you're driving through the Gold Coast in your motorhome when this event is on, you can't not add this one to your list so take a stop off and find some time for it. The festival has been running for over 15 years and is loved by the locals as amazing talent gets a chance to shine. You can get up close and personal with the artworks as well as take part in workshops or art activities if you want more of a creative fix. Some of the striking pieces also illuminate at night so it's not just a great day time event.


Melbourne Festival – Victoria

Right throughout the month of October, Melbourne Festival captures hearts with its community feel and presentation of all things arts, music, theatre, dance and multimedia. A combination of free and paid events around the city, Melbourne Festival is a fantastic, affordable way to experience Australia's cultural talents. Melbourne is known for its creativity and culture and this is the perfect way to immerse yourself in it. Jump on the trams as they'll be your easiest way to get around this abundant city.

Orange Wine Festival – New South Wales

If you're a little confused about what orange wine is, Orange is actually the name of a town about 4 hours drive west of Sydney. Orange is known for its beautiful green countryside and award-winning wines. In October, Orange celebrates its love of wine with the annual Orange Wine Festival where winemakers come together to share their amazing ranges with the world.

There's nearly 90 different events all part of this festival so we recommend heading out this way if you're in New South Wales and make the most of it. There's night markets too with gourmet food to taste your way through. It's a feast for the senses. Add this one to the calendar and discover regional New South Wales at its best!


Feast Festival – South Australia

Feast Festival, in Adelaide, has celebrated over 20 years of events that applaud the art and culture of the LGBTIQ community. The colourful, vibrant festival takes over queer-friendly venues around Adelaide in November and everyone is welcome to join in the festivities, with a lot of interstate visitors attending the popular event. From evening street parties to artist showcases, Feast Festival is thought-provoking as well as fun.

If you're on a budget, check out a program before you go as there's always lots of free activities but you can also choose to see shows or cabarets if you wish for an additional cost. Come and celebrate diversity and be part of an exciting event that is one of the biggest of its kind in Australia.

Bitter & Twisted Boutique Beer Festival – New South Wales

It's not just the big capital cities that put on great events in Australia. Regional Australia is bursting with rich culture and the Bitter & Twisted Boutique Beer Festival has established itself as a highly-anticipated event. One of the coolest festivals in Australia, this one's set amongst old prison grounds at the Maitland Gaol. The atmosphere is unbelieavable. With so many brewers ready to pour you a drink as well as whacky entertainment and great musicians, this is a bucket list affair.

Beer is definitely a focus but it is also a music festival so it's an incredible day out. Maitland is only about two hours north of Sydney and it's the perfect spot on your way down, or, if you're heading up along the coastline. When tickets are released, there's plenty of options from entry-only through to VIP packages with food. Bitter & Twisted is a unique festival and a great highlight for your campervan trip.


Woodford Folk Festival - Queensland

Woodford Folk Festival is usually held over six days and six nights at the end of December through to New Year's Day. This festival is world renowned and draws crowds from all over the country. The event features more than 2,000 performers and over 400 events are programmed over the schedule. These events include concerts, dances, street theatre, cinema, comedy, a children's festival, arts and crafts and circus performances, to name a few.

The festival caters perfectly to campers and campervans with a huge area set aside for camping. This is undoubtedly the best way to enjoy the festival. Shower and toilet facilities are available as well as a General Store for supplies. Woodford is located between the Brisbane Valley and the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, and the journey to the festival is spectacular with views of the famous Glass House Mountains.

Sydney New Year's Eve – New South Wales

There is no bigger New Year's Eve celebration in Australia than the one Sydney puts on every year. Attracting mass media coverage, this event is usually televised around Australia as it's one of the most expensive fireworks displays. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is famous, so when it hosts this huge fireworks event, you can imagine how spectacular it looks and how popular the event is. If you get the chance to spend New Year's Eve in Sydney, you'll definitely be in for a treat. Around 1.5million people party around the Sydney harbour to welcome in the new year.

This massive event means you should definitely plan ahead and book your camping ground spot nice and early if that's where you plan to stay. Our hot tips on where to get the best views of the fireworks are Mrs Macquaries Point or the forecourt around the Sydney Opera House.

9: Be Aware Of Australia's Sheer Size

With it's staggering landmass of 7,617,930 square kilometres it has everything you could ever want, from brilliant white sandy beaches, to arid desert, tropical rainforests, lush hinterlands, secluded islands, wineries and snowfields.

Australia has something for everyone to see withs its awsome landscapes, amazing cities and lush greenery. Coupled with its beautiful array of native animals such as kangaroos, wombats, dingos, emus, penguins, the platypus, echidnas and of course the always lovable koala bear.

Never forget all of Australia's iconic landmarks such as The Great Barrier Reef, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, Ayers Rock, Fremantle, Mount Kosciuszko on the Great Dividing Range, Kakadu, Monkey Mia, Cradle Mountain, Rottnest Island, Margaret River, The Daintree and Phillip Island just to name a few.

Australia has six states & we provide camper vans to book from all these locations which are New South Wales (NSW), Queensland (QLD) our home state where Compare & Choose originated, the infamous South Australian state South Australia (SA) host to the beautiful city of Adelaide, Tasmania (TAS) which many people call Tassie, also the great state of Victoria (VIC) and finally lets not forget to mention the state of Western Australia (WA). There are also two major mainland territories, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and last on our list but never forgotten the fabulous Northern Territory (NT).

To give you an estimate of Australia's sheer size we have put together some information so you can scale the distances for the duration of your trip.

Driving distances between cities

  • Driving distance from Melbourne to Sydney is 878 kilometers (546 miles).
  • Driving distance from Brisbane to Sydney is 921 kilometers (572 miles).
  • Driving distance from Sydney to Perth is 3935 kilometers (2445 miles).
  • Driving distance from Sydney to Adelaide is 1376 kilometers (855 miles).
  • Driving distance from Canberra to Sydney is 287 kilometers (178 miles).
  • Driving distance from Hobart to Sydney is 1611 kilometers (1001 miles).
  • Driving distance from Sydney to Darwin is 3934 kilometers (2444 miles).
  • Driving distance from Brisbane to Melbourne is 1675 kilometers (1041 miles).
  • Driving distance from Melbourne to Perth is 3418 kilometers (2124 miles).
  • Driving distance from Melbourne to Adelaide is 727 kilometers (452 miles).
  • Driving distance from Canberra to Melbourne is 661 kilometers (411 miles).
  • Driving distance from Hobart to Melbourne is 734 kilometers (456 miles).
  • Driving distance from Brisbane to Perth is 4338 kilometers (2696 miles).
  • Driving distance from Brisbane to Adelaide is 2018 kilometers (1254 miles).
  • Driving distance from Brisbane to Canberra is 1202 kilometers (747 miles).
  • Driving distance from Brisbane to Hobart is 2409 kilometers (1497 miles).
  • Driving distance from Brisbane to Darwin is 3425 kilometers (2128 miles).
  • Driving distance from Melbourne to Darwin is 3753 kilometers (2332 miles).
  • Driving distance from Adelaide to Perth is 2691 kilometers (1672 miles).
  • Driving distance from Canberra to Perth is 3720 kilometers (2311 miles).
  • Driving distance from Hobart to Perth is 4143 kilometers (2574 miles).
  • Driving distance from Darwin to Perth is 4042 kilometers (2511 miles).
  • Driving distance from Canberra to Adelaide is 1160 kilometers (721 miles).
  • Driving distance from Hobart to Adelaide is 1452 kilometers (903 miles).
  • Driving distance from Adelaide to Darwin is 3027 kilometers (1881 miles).
  • Driving distance from Canberra to Hobart is 1395 kilometers (867 miles).
  • Driving distance from Canberra to Darwin is 3941 kilometers (2449 miles).
  • Driving distance from Hobart to Darwin is 4479 kilometers (2783 miles).

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