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Australia Campervan Hire

We provide the best Self-drive Campervan Hire Australia has to offer by comparing Motorhome Rentals in Australia from a huge range of providers, This incredible country is becoming more popular year on year as people decide to take the umltimate road trip. At Compare and Choose we have teamed up with our Campervan Hire Partners to offer you an incredible choice of .

Tour Australia By Campervan.

What could be better than the worlds largest island for touring around in your motorhome. Australia Campervan Hire prices are provided by compare & choose so you get the best deals at todays prices without the hassle of trawling through many websites to find a great deal on Budget Rental. You will be sure to have an amazing adventure cruising around in your campervan in Australia no matter where you happen to be heading.

Australia's Sheer Size

With it's staggering landmass of 7,617,930 square kilometres it has everything you could ever want, from brilliant white sandy beaches, to arid desert, tropical rainforests, lush hinterlands, secluded islands, wineries and snowfields.

Australia has something for everyone to see withs its awsome landscapes, amazing cities and lush greenery. Coupled with its beautiful array of native animals such as kangaroos, wombats, dingos, emus, penguins, the platypus, echidnas and of course the always lovable koala bear.

Never forget all of Australia's iconic landmarks such as The Great Barrier Reef, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, Ayers Rock, Fremantle, Mount Kosciuszko on the Great Dividing Range, Kakadu, Monkey Mia, Cradle Mountain, Rottnest Island, Margaret River, The Daintree and Phillip Island just to name a few.

Australia has six states & we provide camper vans to book from all these locations which are New South Wales (NSW), Queensland (QLD) our home state where Compare & Choose originated, the infamous South Australian state South Australia (SA) host to the beautiful city of Adelaide, Tasmania (TAS) which many people call Tassie, also the great state of Victoria (VIC) and finally lets not forget to mention the state of Western Australia (WA). There are also two major mainland territories, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and last on our list but never forgotten the fabulous Northern Territory (NT).

Campervan Hire Australia

When you rent a campervan in Australia you want to ensure that you are getting cheap, affordable and very reasonable prices. Be rest assured with our unique service that you can get the most affordable budget campervan hire with Compare & Choose. So why not choose to compare with us right here and get out there on your travels in some of the best vehicles in Australia.

Campervan Hire Partners

Using our guide you can do your own research on Australia's leading Campervan Rental providers and select from some of our best known Campervan Hire Companies. they are well known brands such as Britz, Maui Motorhomes, JUCY and and they all provide some of the best Motorhomes For Rent In Australia.

Backpacking In Australia The Essential Guide

Here we have compiled the for all you backpackers out there who wish to see Australia by either campervan, bus, train, plane or some other form of transport. It is packed full of information to provide you with the best possible experience during your journey around this wonderful country.

Australian State Campervan Pickup Locations